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Alley Renewal Program

Overview: The Alley Renewal Program is an annual project focused on improving the condition and functionality of  the City’s most worn alleys.  Program features include:

  • Alley Inspection – Alleys are inspected every three to four years and are assigned a Pavement Condition Index or PCI number. This is an industry standard rating based on various factors including surface condition, corrugation, gutter condition, etc… These ratings assist in project planning year by year. 
  • Alley Prep Work – Throughout the year, Street Maintenance conducts pothole repair, crack sealing and sometimes complete repaving. This is in order to prepare the alley surface for rubberized slurry seal application. Residents are notified in advance that crews will be working in the area.
  • Pervious Concrete – Certain alleys are targeted for the installation of pervious concrete gutter. 
  • Slurry Seal – Once an alley surface has been repaired, a rubberized slurry seal treatment is applied to extend the life of the repairs for seven years. Sealant is comprised of recycled tires.  

Pervious Concrete  


Pervious Concrete:  Pervious concrete allows water to percolate down into the ground – reducing stormwater runoff and therefore the amount of pollution flushed into the Santa Monica Bay during and after a rainstorm. Urban runoff is damaging to the environment as the water collects pollutants and litter from City streets en route to the Ocean.

The 1500 block of 17th Court (left) was the first alley in the City to be refurbished with pervious concrete.

To read more about our pervious concrete work, click here.

The pervious concrete in the Alley Renewal Program is funded by Measure V.

A typical alley before we get to it: disorganized and needing attention...

 Alley before refurbishment   This alley has reached (and passed!) its useful life. Multiple cracks, worn asphalt and an uneven surface make the alley difficult to navigate. Additionally, the poor condition of the deck indicates potential drainage issues. This alley is a prime candidate for renewal.


After the Curb and Gutter Machine lays a new center section, it's all about getting the right material in the right place...
Our crews focus on paving one side of the alley at a time. This enables some vehicle access during construction. We understand that access to alleys and parking is critical for residents and businesses alike, and we work very hard to limit the disruption. 

Residents and businesses directly impacted by construction can expect to receive a mailed notification of work approximately two weeks before construction begins. Additionally, we post planned work to the City’s Know Before you Go Program, and distribute flyers through the Neighborhood Associations.

 Asphalt going down


Proper paving requires the coordination of man, woman and machine...


 Paving an alley   We approach work with a sense of teamwork, pride and professionalism – all necessary ingredients when dealing with heavy machinery and hot asphalt!


The finished product: a thing of beauty.


We hope you will enjoy your new alley!  A beautiful new alley



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