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Santa Monica Water Treatment Plant

The Santa Monica Water Treatment Plant implements a water treatment system to remove groundwater contamination from the Charnock groundwater sub-basin and restore this resource as a water supply for the City. The treatment system uses filtration with granular activated carbon to treat water from the three contaminated wells at the Charnock Well Field. The project also provides upgrades to the existing water treatment plant including construction of new systems for drinking water disinfection, softening and fluoridation.

The Charnock wells were shut down for more than 14 years due to contamination with Methyl tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE), a gasoline additive leaking from gas stations in the area that is now banned. When this happened, the City was forced to rely on imported water for 85% of its needs. In 2006, Santa Monica reached an agreement with three major oil companies responsible for the MTBE contamination to restore the Charnock Well Field so that it could once again be a viable drinking water source. The wells and new facilities at the Santa Monica Water Treatment Plant began producing potable water again for the City of Santa Monica on December 4, 2010.

Water from the Charnock Treatment Unit is pretreated and pumped 3½ miles to the Santa Monica Water Treatment Plant. The modernized plant facility provides additional pretreatment, filtration via a three-stage reverse osmosis filtration system, aeration and storage.



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