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We are honored to have been selected by Hunger Action LA to supply Market Match at our Saturday Pico Farmers Market.


Market Match


Learn more about Market Match by clicking here

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Aroma Orchids Garden

Michelle Liu

2043 Desire AveAroma Orchids
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Market Days:

Saturday - Downtown
Sunday - Main St.

County of Production: Los Angeles
Acres of Farmland Cultivated: 1
Farming Since: 1998 


Year Round: Phalaenopsis
Winter: Cymbidium
Spring: Cattleya
Summer: Onoidium
Fall:  Cattleya

Growing Practices: 

To control weeds: labor
For pests: neem oil
Fertilizers: Peter's fertilizer : 20-20-20 & 10-30-20
To enhance/control size, flavor, ripeness or appearance: none
To increase soil fertility we use these cover crops: We use sphagnum moss instead of soil.

Farm History:

My husband, Jouywu, became very interested in orchids and began growing them.  Over time, we decided to start selling them in the markets.  Our motto is "Orchids for work, for life."

Market Schedule

Open Rain or Shine



The Saturday Downtown Market will be closed following Thanksgiving, November 28, 2020, please visit our other Saturday market in Virginia Avenue Park.  

Check back for 2020 winter holiday closures in November.

Wednesday Downtown

Arizona Avenue
(between 4th & Ocean)
8:00am - 1:00pm

Saturday Downtown

Arizona Avenue
(between 4th and 2nd Streets)
8:00am - 1:00pm

Saturday Virginia Ave. Park

2200 Virginia Avenue
(Pico Blvd. @ Cloverfield Blvd.)
8:00am - 1:00pm

Sunday Main St.

2640 Main Street
(in Heritage Square)


Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB)!

No live animals are allowed in Farmers Markets 
Chapter 8, Article 6, Section 114259.5



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