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Ocean Park Segue

Date: 1988
Artist: Joyce Kohl
Location: Ocean Park Beach near Barnard Way and Ocean Park Beach Park One parking lot.

Fabricated on the site, Ocean Park Segue consists of two raised concrete performance platforms, each made of six horizontally stacked concrete slabs, pivoted to create stairs and overhangs. The surface of the slabs is imprinted with cast beach artifacts both human-made and natural. The platforms are used for sponsored and spontaneous performances, picnicking and playing. The installation measures forty inches in height with a total area of fifteen feet by fifteen feet for each slab.

Last updated: 1/19/2011
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“Pursuing Green Office Certification”

To assist in the efforts of creating a sustainable city, Cultural Affairs not only recognizes the importance of incorporating the City’s sustainable design in its projects, but also values its role in creating a healthy work environment for staff that supports the City’s sustainability policies and models sustainable best practices for the office place.

Cultural Affairs is continuously working towards implementing sustainable practices that will provide staff with a greener and healthier workplace. We have implemented simple practices such as purchasing supplies that will have less impact on the environment, using less-toxic cleaning products, reducing waste, practicing water efficiency, and promoting green commuting by ride-sharing, walking and providing staff with a Bike@Work bicycle.

 Cultural Affairs' Green Office Certification is modeled after the Santa Monica Green Business Certification Program, a free program that provides sustainability consultation services to businesses that operate in Santa Monica.