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Michael C. McMillen 
McMillen-Banner Bottle 
McMillen-Banner Diver 
McMillen-Banner Galleon 
McMillen-Banner Jewelsferns 
McMillen-Banner Milo 
McMillen-Banner MysteryMuseum 
McMillen-Banner Pig 
McMillen-Banner Rex 
McMillen-Banner Soapbox Sailor 
McMillen-Banner Squid 
McMillen-Banner Tiki 
McMillen-Banner UFO 
Santa Monica Pier Banners
Steve Galloway, Michael C. McMillen
Artists Galloway and McMillen found their inspiration in the facts, folklore, myths, and legends of the Pier's early history. Each banner depicts an image representing historical events that may - or may not - have actually occurred. So, while viewers will be able to discover salutes to the old La Monica Ballroom, home of dancing on the Pier; the Blue Streak Roller Coaster; and the Mysterious Thing, we're left to puzzle over the historical truth behind Li'l Ricky, the surfing possum; the ghostly lost diver, the giant singing clam; and Milo, the rooster who swam to Catalina. 
  Steve Galloway and Michael C. McMillen were selected as the artists for this project though a competitive process in 2002. A panel of art experts and community advisors declared their proposal the best based upon its originality, the high level of artistic quality and the appropriateness of the banners to the Pier. The impressive artist credentials and exhibition histories of both Galloway and McMillen mark the project as highly significant. The Santa Monica Pier Banners are a project of the Santa Monica Arts Commission in partnership with the Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corporation, funded through the City of Santa Monica’s Percent for Art Program. For additional information on the Santa Monica Pier, please call 458.8900 or visit the Pier website at  
Steve Galloway 
Galloway-Banner Beyond 
Galloway-Banner Captain 
Galloway-Banner Clam 
Galloway-Banner Corndog 
Galloway-Banner Dancing 
Galloway-Banner Dogs 
Galloway-Banner Future Pier 
Galloway-Banner Lost Island 
Galloway-Banner Michael 
Galloway-Banner Mr Ramon 
Galloway-Banner Mystery Thing 
Galloway-Banner Next Left 
Galloway-Banner Octopus 
Galloway-Banner Possum 
Galloway-Banner Racer 
Galloway-Banner WelcomeL 
Galloway-Banner WelcomeR 
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“Pursuing Green Office Certification”

To assist in the efforts of creating a sustainable city, Cultural Affairs not only recognizes the importance of incorporating the City’s sustainable design in its projects, but also values its role in creating a healthy work environment for staff that supports the City’s sustainability policies and models sustainable best practices for the office place.

Cultural Affairs is continuously working towards implementing sustainable practices that will provide staff with a greener and healthier workplace. We have implemented simple practices such as purchasing supplies that will have less impact on the environment, using less-toxic cleaning products, reducing waste, practicing water efficiency, and promoting green commuting by ride-sharing, walking and providing staff with a Bike@Work bicycle.

 Cultural Affairs' Green Office Certification is modeled after the Santa Monica Green Business Certification Program, a free program that provides sustainability consultation services to businesses that operate in Santa Monica.