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  • Overview

    Rent Control Law and Regulations

    Passage of Rent Control – Charter Amendment

    Santa Monica Rent Control was adopted by the voters in April 1979 in response to a shortage of housing units, low vacancy rates and rapidly rising rents.  The law was intended to alleviate the hardship of the housing shortage and to ensure that owners received no more than a fair return. The Regulations were adopted by the Rent Control Board to implement and enforce the Rent Control Law.

    Changes to the Charter can only be made by the voters.  Changes to the Regulations are made by the Board.  Prior to adopting changes and/or new regulations the Board will publicize any proposed and/or new regulations in at least one local newspaper and will hold at least one public hearing to consider the views of interested parties.

    Major Provisions

    • Controls the amount that may continue to be charged for a rental unit and provides remedies for the collection of excess rent.
    • Determines the amenities and services that are included as part of the rent and provides remedies for removal or reduction of those amenities or services.
    • Provides for only “just cause” evictions.
    • Limits removal of controlled units from rental market.

    What units are covered?

    • Most residential rental buildings in the City constructed prior to April 10, 1979 and certain units constructed after that date are covered by Rent Control.
    • In addition to apartment buildings, Rent Control also applies to certain single-family homes and condominiums.



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