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Healthy Nail Salon Program

Healthy Nail Salon Program Receives Roy Award

The City of Santa Monica was named the winner of the prestigious Roy Award for Environmental Partnership by the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Full Story

City Recognizes Healthy Nail  Salons in Santa Monica

City Officials and the California Healthy Nail Salon
Collaborative commended four Santa Monica Salons.

Santa Monica Healthy Nail Salons 

  • Nancy’s Nails – 2917 Pico Blvd.
  • Tracy’s Nail Spa – 1210 Montana Ave., #C
  • Santa Monica Beach Nail Spa – 2101 Main Street
  • Cute Nails – 2904 Lincoln Blvd.
  • Organic Nails & Spa Studio – 2413 Main Street
  • Alchemie Organice Spa - 2021 Main Street

Pretty Feet Nail Salon On a daily basis, for long hours, nail salon owners and workers handle solvents, glues, polishes and other beauty care products containing a multitude of chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer, allergies, respiratory, neurological and reproductive harm.  Neither nail salon workers nor their customers who go for a little pampering, should have to put their health at risk in the process.

To reduce exposure to these chemicals, the Healthy Nail Salon Program requires that salons go through a rigorous checklist of safety measures including use of gloves by all technicians, installation of localized ventilation, hours of training for all employees, and choosing safer nail products.

The Healthy Nail Salon Program is a partnership between the City of Santa Monica and the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative - a voluntary program available to all of the approximately 30 nail salons across the city to promote healthier and safer nail salon environments for workers, owners, and consumers.  Currently, four nail salons have completed the program and are designated as Healthy Nail Salons.

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For more information contact or call (310) 458-2255.


Last updated: Wednesday, 12/05/2018
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