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MAR (Maximum Allowable Rent) Database

We strive to provide information that is accurate, reliable, and complete. However, information in this program regarding the MAR for an individual unit may not be up-to-date due to a change in tenancy or the issuance of a Board decision, and there is necessarily a delay between when those changes occur and when the new MAR is entered in this program. The MARs available here are updated nightly and were last revised on Monday, November 29, 2021.

In most cases, MARs are based on rents reported by current or past property owners that have not been independently verified. Thus, we provide this information as a convenience only; it is not legally binding on landlords, tenants, or the Rent Control Agency.

The MARs listed presume the owner is in compliance with the Rent Control Charter Amendment (Article XVIII of the City Charter) and the Rent Control Regulations promulgated thereunder. In addition to these MARs, a tenant's rent can include applicable Rent Control registration fees or surcharges (Community College Bond, Unified Schools Bond, Stormwater Management User Fee, Clean Beaches & Ocean Parcel Tax, and School District Parcel Tax).

Finally, some rental units are temporarily exempt from the Rent Control Law. Because this page is for the lookup of MARs for controlled units, a $0 MAR in most cases is used to indicate an exempt unit.  For information on units with a $0 MAR, please call Rent Control at 310-458-8751 and ask to speak with an Information Analyst.

To get the most current information about a controlled unit's MAR, to determine a unit's exempt status, or to get a written list of the MARs for a given property, please call us at (310) 458-8751 or visit Room 202 of City Hall at 1685 Main Street, Santa Monica, California.

List of Santa Monica Street Names

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Street Number: 624   Street Name: Lincoln Blvd
Street Number: 2012   Street Name: 10th St
Street Number:   Street Name: Colorado Ave

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