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Clover Park Restroom Replacement

Project Information

Clover Park is a 17.9 acre City park located on the south side of Ocean Park Boulevard east of 25th Street. The park site is located adjacent to the historic Clover Field airfield. The park amenities include two playgrounds, picnic areas, walk/bike path, soccer fields, lighted baseball fields and tennis courts and two separate restroom facilities.

The Clover Park Restroom Replacement Project would demolish and replace two existing restroom facilities, restroom facility #1 (located next to the park offices) and restroom facility #2 (located next to the south fields) at Clover Park. The existing restroom facilities are over 30 years old and require extensive maintenance.The new facilities would follow the current Santa Monica prototypical layout model for park restrooms, including single stalls accessed directly from the exterior with ample passive lighting and ventilation. This type of design has been found to reduce the incidence of misuse and vandalism. The two new restroom buildings would have the same capacity as the existing structures, be located in the same location as those to be demolished, and would be designed and constructed to meet all current applicable code requirements.

Know Before You Go

This project is not currently under construction.

Other Resources

3/1/2016 - Staff Report

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Project Contacts

City Project Manager: Danny Welch (310) 458-2205

City Construction Manager: Tim Purcell (310) 458-2205

Architect: DNA A+D / Pleskow Architects

Project Status: Pre-Design

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