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City Hall Public Restrooms Remodel

Project Information

The second floor City Hall public restrooms had not had a major remodel since it was constructed in 1939.  Previous work in the restrooms was limited to repair and patch work as the fixtures and finishes became worn or damaged.  This project would allow for the reconfiguration and remodel of the overall facility to maximize space efficiency, bring the restrooms into substantial compliance with current accessibility regulations, and upgrade fixtures and all finishes such as floor and ceiling tile, toilet partitions and toilet accessories.  The reconfiguration also includes a separate Lactation Room that can be accessed from outside the Women’s Restroom that would allow for additional privacy and a Janitors Closet would provide much needed storage of janitorial supplies.

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6/12/2012 - Contractor selection

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Project Contacts

City Project Manager: Tom Afschar (310) 458-2205

City Construction Manager:  Christopher Dishlip (310) 458-2205

Contractor: RS Construct, Inc.

Project Status: Complete

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