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Civic Center Parking Structure Lighting Upgrade

Project Information

The Civic Center Parking Structure, located at 333 Civic Center Drive, provides approximately 900 parking spaces throughout six above ground stories and one and a half below ground levels. This structure embodies the City's commitment to sustainability, and establishes a new aesthetic monument in Santa Monica. The parking structure is one of the first buildings of its type in the country to receive a LEED-Certified rating through the U.S. Green Building Council. The building features design strategies, materials, products, and construction practices that preserve natural resources, conserve water and energy, and reduce waste.

The goal of this project was to improve energy efficiency and light levels at the garage while reducing maintenance and utility costs. Efficiency was improved through the replacement of light fixtures from indirect light fixtures that bounced light off of the walls and ceiling of the garage to light the parking spaces to fixtures that direct light downwards.The indirect lighting fixtures required increased maintenance to sustain light level outputs because dirt from the garage and the air would settle on their upward facing lenses, making frequent cleanings necessary. The current lighting layout dramatically reduces energy use and maintenance needs and providing cost savings to the City while improving light levels in the structure. The project is anticipated to save the City approximately $32,000 per year in energy and maintenance costs, resulting in a 5.8-year payback period for the project. This energy reduction may also mean that the solar panels on the building will provide more than enough power for the entire parking structure (not including the tenant spaces) on an annual basis, making the parking structure the City’s first Zero Net Energy municipal building.

Know Before You Go

This project is not currently under construction.

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Project Contacts

City Project Manager: Chris Dishlip (310) 458-2205

Contractor: Golden Sun Firm & Company, Inc.

Project Status: Complete

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