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Santa Monica Bike Center

Project Information

To promote the use of non-auto transportation, and bicycling in particular, the City built a Bike Center in its downtown core near the future terminus of the Exposition Light Rail Line. The Bike Center has two locations. The primary, staffed location is in Parking Structure 8, at 2nd Street and Colorado Avenue, and the secondary location is in Parking Structure 7, at 4th Street and Broadway. The Center is intended to provide secure bike parking and a variety of mobility services, including retail, bike repair, bike rental, attended bike parking, public information on alternative transportation, and additional related services. The Center is operated by an independent contractor. Check out their web site at

Know Before You Go

This project is not currently under construction.

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Project Contacts  

Bike Center: (310) 656-8500

Project Status: Complete

City Project Manager: Alex Parry (310) 458-2205

Architect: Pugh + Scarpa Architects w/ TFO Architecture Inc.

Contractor: Icon West, Inc.

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