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Buon Gusto Farms

 Mark Mooring

Tel: 805.641.1268

Buon Gusto

County of Production:  Ventura

Farmer Since: 2007

Certified Organic?: Yes 


Growing Practices:

Soil Management: Cover crops, mulching

Crop Management: Pruning

Water Management: On-site well, Drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation

Pest Management: Mulching, organic herbacides, shade-cloth covers, organic pesticides


Farm History:

Buon Gusto Farms is committed to bringing the unending benefits of the purest possible olive oils and vinegars to local tables and restaurants (although we will ship anywhere). We are a small farm nestled in a micro-climate valley at the base of the Ojai Mountains. Our flagship product, Buenaventura Olive Oil, has garnered numerous awards for not only its unique, herbaceous taste and aroma, but also for its healthful properties. It is cold-pressed, hand harvested, and grown out of naturally organic soil on a sloping plain, allowing for optimal air and water flow. Along with the California Olive Oil Council and the mentors who have guided us, such as Ojai Olive Oil and McEvoy Farms, we are staunchly committed to bringing true knowledge of real extra virgin oils to Californians and the world. That journey begins and ends at home, directly and in-person.