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Andy's Orchard, LLC

 Andy Mariani

Tel: 805.312.1771

Andy's Orchard

County of Production: Santa Clara

Farmer Since: 2003


Growing Practices:

Crop Management: Habitat for pollinators and grafted trees from certified nurseries

Diversity Management: Heirloom varieties, some new, rare, unusual, and varieties invented ourselves

Water Management: On-site well, irrigation, sprinklers

Pest Management: Hand cultivation, machine cultivation, synthetic herbicides, organic herbicides, resistant crops, organic pesticides, habitat for beneficials, synthetic pesticides


Farm History:

Andy's Orchard was formed in 2003 but the family has been farming the land since 1957, growing artisanal stone fruit for specialty markets. There are many varieties, mostly heirloom and rare varieties, tree-ripened with a focus on flavor. We farm using integrated pest managment methods and global gap food safety standards