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Bernard Ranches

Bernard Ranches

Vicki Bernard

tel: 951.789.9440
15870 Winters Lane
Riverside, CA 92504

Market Days: 

Wednesday - Downtown

County of Production: Riverside
Acres of Farmland Cultivated: 23
Farming Since: 1984


Winter: Oranges (navel, blood, seville), tangerines, lemons, grapefruit(red, white, oro blanco, cocktail), citron, kumquats, avocado
Spring: Oranges (navel, blood, seville, navel), tangerines, lemons, limes, grapefruit(red, white, oro blanco, cocktail), kumquats, avocado
Summer: Valencia oranges, grapefruit(red, white, oro blanco), lemons, limes, avocado
Fall: Valencia oranges, grapefruit(red, white), lemons, limes, avocado


Growing Practices: 

To control weeds: Cut by hand
For pests: We buy good bugs that eat the eggs of the bad bugs.
Fertilizers: seaweed
To enhance/control size, flavor, ripeness or appearance: N/A
To increase soil fertility we use these cover crops: The leaves and the dead branches that drop on the ground.

Farm History: 

Vince and Vicki Bernard bought their first citrus grove in 1984.  Growing your own fruit and selling it directly to the families that use it is called "growers pride." It's important. Careful attention to the planting of the trees and personal attention to the growing of the fruit include:
1) constant observation of the watering needs of the trees
2) timely release of beneficial insects
3) soaking trees with seaweed and mulching to provide nutrients
4) constant harassment of ants, gophers, and squirrels

Bringing fresh fruit to market means:
1) Constant evaluation of which blocks of trees have the sweetest and most flavorful fruit.
2) Picking fruit off the trees within two days of the market.
3) Personally standing in the street and talking with the customers using the fruit.