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Bautista Organic Date Farm

Alicia GonzalezBalderama

tel: 760.396.2337
P.O.Box 726
Mecca, CA 92254

Market Days:

Wednesday - Downtown
Saturday - Downtown
Sunday - Main St

County of Production: Riverside
Acres of Farmland Cultivated: 6
Years Farming: 11 


Year Round except Summer: Dates

Growing Practices: 

To control weeds: hoes, goats, tractor
For pests: cloth bags
Fertilizers: cow and goat manure
To enhance/control size, flavor, ripeness or appearance: prune and thin
To increase soil fertility we use these cover crops: drip system and cow manure

Farm History:

The Bautista Date Farm was established in the summer of 1999. My father bought the farm from the Wendlers.  The farm was originally named Ahlers Organic Date and Grapefruit Garden.  My dad was the foreman for this farm for 10 years and when Mr. Wendler retired, he gave my dad the opportunity to purchase the farm.  This farm has been organic for over 40 years. The farm is family owned and operated. We are 5 brothers and 1 sister and we are all involved in the business. We provide our farmer's market customers with seven different varieties of fresh organic dates.