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Burkart Farms

Burkart FarmsIrene and Richard Burkart

tel: 559.591.5719
10279 Ave 404
Dinuba, CA 93618

Market Days:

Wednesday - Downtown

County of Production: Tulare
Acres of Farmland Cultivated: 65
Years Farming: 44 


Winter: Navel Oranges, tangerines, dried fruit (peaches, nectarines, and jujubees)
Spring: apriums, apricots, yellow and white flesh peaches, yellow and white flesh nectarines
Summer: peaches, nectarines, apriums, pluots, nectaplums, plums (Black, Yellow, and Red), apricots, Grapes (Black, Red, and Green), blackberries
Fall: Grapes (Black, Red, and Green), persimmons (Giant Fuyu and Fuyu), jujubees, dried fruit (peaches, nectarines, and jujubees, raisins)

Growing Practices: 

To control weeds: cultivation, mowing, and hand weeding
For pests: sulfur, copper, b.t.'s and various derivatives of plants, tree oils, beneficial insects both natural and introduced
Fertilizers: compost, manures, and minerals
To enhance/control size, flavor, ripeness or appearance: on some table grapes we occasionally use organic gibberillin and girdling techniques, we also prune and thin fruit, stone fruit, and persimmons
To increase soil fertility we use these cover crops: natural occurring covers occasionally introduced 

Farm History: 

Irene grew up on a farm in the 20's and 30's. They used what we know now as organic/sustainable farming. After earning a B.S. in Home Economics and Child Development from North Texas University, she moved to California and shortly after bought a farm in the San Jouquin Valley. Since then her son Richard has managed the farm using strictly organic farming practices. We have been Certified Organic by QAI for 20 years and have been growing organically for over 30 years. Our idealogy includes increased maturity and flavor for our products.