Colorado Avenue Property Based Assessment District PBAD Overlay Zone

Resolution 10896 (CCS) approved by City Council on July 14, 2015, ordered the formation of a new benefit zone within the Downtown Santa Monica Property Based Assessment District along Colorado Avenue (known as the Colorado Overlay Zone) and authorized the levy of and placement of assessments on the property tax rolls each year.

Uses for Funds: Enhanced maintenance and public safety above and beyond those provided by the City of Santa Monica and the existing Downtown Santa Monica PBAD. Proposed activities and improvements are described in detail in the Colorado PBAD Engineer's Report and Management Plan.

Boundaries: The Colorado Overlay Zone includes properties with frontage along Colorado Avenue from Ocean Avenue to 7th Court.  There are two Benefit Zones within the overlay boundary to reflect the varying levels of services provided.  Parcels East of 5th Court/Colorado intersection and those that are West of 5th Court/Colorado intersection.

Date Established: July 14, 2015 and will continue for 12 additional years until 2028.

Formula: Annual assessment for FY 2019/20 is based the benefit zone and the linear street frontage.  Below are the assessment rates for each benefit zone:

Benefit Zone

Linear Foot per Year

East of 5th Court

$ 70.03

West of 5th Court

$ 93.37

Exceptions: None. Applies to all properties within the Colorado Avenue Overlay Zone.

How Funds are Collected: Assessments are collected by the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor's Office.

Who Administers the Fund: Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.

Approximate Size of Fund: Estimated at $330,000 (Fiscal Year 2016-17). Annual assessment increases may range from 0% to 5% to keep pace with the consumer price index and program costs, and will be subject to annual review and approval by the Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. Board of Directors.


Colorado PBAD Overlay Zone Management Plan - 3-4-15

Colorado Engineer's Report

If you would like more information about the management of the District, please contact:

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.
1351 Third Street Promenade, Suite 201
Santa Monica, CA 90401