Established in February 2012 by City Council, the Office of Pier Management is tasked with overseeing City operations and activities on the Santa Monica Pier. A division of the Economic Development Department, the Office of Pier Management deals with leasing, pier maintenance, planning, capital improvement projects, community services, custodial services, public information and public safety issues.

The Office of Pier Management also works alongside Pier Corporation, formerly PRC, which is primarily responsible for event planning, marketing, promotions, sponsorships, and fundraising. Overseen by a new seven-member interim board of directors, the Pier Corporation will continue to produce many of the Piers time honored events, such as the Twilight Concert Series.

Over the next two years, our office will assist the Pier Corporation Board in developing a Pier Visioning Statement, Pier Plan as well as Guidelines for sponsorships, marketing, events and leasing. These documents will establish protocols for how the pier can operate to best serve the community, tenants, and visitors. This initiative will involve a high level of public engagement to ensure all interested parties have an opportunity to participate in the process.


The Santa Monica Pier is one of the world's most renowned attractions. Welcoming millions of visitors each year it features fishing, carnival rides, arcade, interactive attractions, gifts shops, restaurants, public events and places to simply enjoy the spectacular views of the City and ocean. The Santa Monica Pier has been a community and regional asset for over 100 years. OPM's job is to do all we can to ensure it continues to do so successfully for another hundred years.

Pier Governance Study