Assessment for Retail Businesses Only
(Formerly known as CBD or the Central Business District Retail Tax) 

Boundaries: The centerline of Ocean Ave. to the centerline of 7th Street, and the centerline of the Santa Monica Freeway to 200 feet northwesterly of the centerline of Wilshire Blvd.

Special Note: A retail business may also be subject to the Third Street Promenade and Downtown Maintenance Assessment if it is located on 2nd, 3rd, or 4th between Wilshire and Broadway. This area includes the Third Street Promenade.

Date Established: 1966

Formula for Retail: Only retail businesses pay this assessment for the general promotion of retail trade activities in this area. The assessment is based 1/15th of 1% of taxable sales for each six-month period. Annual maximum fee $1000.00. January to June is payable October 10th each year and July to December is payable on March 10th each year.

Exceptions: Non-retail businesses are exempt.
How Funds are Collected: Funds are collected semi-annually by the City's Business License Department.

Who Administers the Fund: Downtown Santa Monica, Inc (DTSM) administers the fund on behalf of the downtown.

Approximate Size of Fund: Approximately $220,000 per year (Fiscal Year 2016-17).

Uses of Funds: General promotion of retail activity in the area, including holiday decorations.

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