In accordance with Resolution 8026 (CCS), an Operation and Maintenance Assessment Fee (Assessment Fee) is levied on all businesses within the designated boundaries.

Uses for Funds: Supplemental operations and maintenance, including Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.

Boundaries: Centerlines of the following streets - Wilshire Boulevard on the north, Fourth Court on the east, Broadway on the south, and First Court on the west.

Date Established: 1986

Formula for Retail and Non Retail Businesses: For information on the formula, please visit the City of Santa Monica Finance website.

The square foot formula is effective on a request basis for office uses only, and applicants requesting this option are required to submit a copy of the lease and/or other documentation with regard to the amount of gross square footage that is leased.

For questions, contact the Business License Office at 310-458-8745 or email them at

Exceptions: None. Applies to all business licenses within the District.

How Funds are Collected: Funds are collected by the City's Business License Department concurrently with the annual business license.

Who Administers the Fund: Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. administers the fund on behalf of downtown.

Approximate Size of Fund: Approximately $1.4 million (Fiscal year 2016-17)

To see more information on the Third Street Promenade and Downtown, visit their website at

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