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PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: In an effort to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19), the members of the Planning Commission and City staff will meet via teleconference. The meeting will be broadcast on CityTV Channel 16 and be streamed on the City’s website, but participants may also join the teleconference via the methods listed above.




Those wishing to give written public comment shall email comments to Comments received prior to 12 PM on the day of the meeting will be distributed to the Planning Commission prior to the meeting and posted online. Please note the agenda item in your comments. Comments received after 12 PM on the day of the meeting will be considered part of the record of the proceedings but may not be posted online with the Planning Commission’s agenda prior to the meeting.


If you decide you want to speak on a particular agenda item during the meeting, please dial 1-408-740-7256 (meeting ID: 780269741 and passcode: 7265 followed by #) once the caller queue for the agenda item opens.  Please note that the caller queue for each agenda item will not open until the item is called and will close after the first five public comments are heard. Remarks from the public made by telephone will be limited to up to 3 minutes per item. 


Translation service available upon request. Please contact at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.

Servicio de traducción disponible a pedido. Comuníquese al al menos 72 horas antes de la reunión programada.


Please note that the normal procedures for “representative speakers will not be in place while meetings are conducted via teleconference. At this time, we are unable to accept visual aids as part of your oral testimony. However please note that you may e-mail written comments and attachments to by 12pm on the day of the hearing to be posted with the agenda as described above.


Special Assistance for Those Who Cannot Wait to Speak: Members of the public, including those with special needs or without technological resources, who cannot wait to speak on an agenda item may request assistance from the Director by calling (310) 458-8341 or e-mailing, and a member of the City Planning Division will provide assistance in preparing a written statement of testimony for distribution to the Planning Commission.






Please note that Agenda Items may be reordered during the meeting at the discretion of the body.




A.    Planning Director’s Report

Information concerning future Planning Commission and City Council Agendas. Update on recent City Council action on appeals, ordinances, development projects, and planning policy studies. Information on recent Architectural Review Board and Landmarks Commission actions. Update on project status and related planning matters. Presented by Community Development Department Director, David Martin.


B.    Planning Commissioner Announcements



All items will be considered and approved in one motion unless removed by a member for discussion.


A.  1643 19th Street (21ENT-0183 Conditional Use Permit)

A Conditional Use Permit to allow the operation of a kennel in conjunction with a pet hotel (Wag Hotel) within two existing one-story buildings totaling 15,922 square feet in the Industrial Conservation (IC) zoning district. [Planner: Scott Albright] Applicant: Wag Hotels – Jessica Furey. Property Owner: J & D McDonough, LLC.


Staff Report

a.          General Plan and Municipal Code Compliance Worksheet

b.          Draft Statement of Official Action

c.           Public Notification

d.          Project Plans, Renderings, Soundwall Plans, and Neighborhood Context Photos

e.          Sound Study

f.            CEQA Class 32 Exemption Exhibit

Public Correspondence


B.  734 12th Street (21ENT-0173 Vesting Tentative Parcel Map)

The applicant requests approval of a Vesting Tentative Parcel Map for an airspace subdivision at the subject property for the purpose of constructing a new three-unit residential condominium project in the NC (Neighborhood Commercial) Zoning District. Pursuant to Santa Monica Municipal Code Section 9.54.070(B), the Planning Commission is the responsible authority to approve, conditionally approve, or deny tentative subdivision map applications. [Planner: Grace Page] Applicant & Property Owner: Ardeshir Haerizadeh.


Staff Report

a.          Process Review Times & Deadlines

b.          Draft Statement of Official Action

c.           Public Notification & Comment Material

d.          Subdivision Map



·    None.



·       None.



·       None.




A.  706 10th Street (21ENT-0025 Appeal of FWHM 20ENT-0224)

An appeal of the Zoning Administrator’s denial (20ENT-0224) of a height modification for an 8’ high hedge within the front yard setback along the front and side (north and south) property lines. The subject property is located in the Single-Unit Residential (R1) zoning district. Pursuant to Santa Monica Municipal Code (SMMC) Section 9.21.050(A)(1), fences, walls, and hedges cannot exceed a maximum height of 42 inches within the required front yard setback as measured from the lowest finished grade adjacent to either side of the fence, wall, or hedge. SMMC Section 9.43.080(B) allows an applicant to request a modification to these height limitations in the front, side, and rear setbacks. [Planner: Tony Kim] Appellant & Property Owner: Arik Kashper.


Staff Report

a.          Zoning Administrator Determination

b.          Appeal Application and Materials

c.           Draft Statement of Official Action

d.          Public Notification

e.          Project Plans

Public Correspondence



·       None.



Written public comment is permitted only on items not on the agenda that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the City. Please note that State law prohibits the Commission from taking any action on items not listed on the agenda, including issues raised under this agenda item.



·       None.



Public input is permitted only on items not on the agenda that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the body. State law prohibits the body from taking any action on items not listed on the agenda, including issues raised under this agenda item.






Mario Fonda-Bonardi, Commissioner

Nina Fresco, Commissioner

Leslie Lambert, Commissioner

Shawn Landres, Commissioner

Elisa Paster, Chairperson

Ellis Raskin, Commissioner

Jim Ries, Vice-Chairperson



David Martin, Director, Community Development Department

Jing Yeo, AICP, City Planning Division Manager

Heidi von Tongeln, Deputy City Attorney



·  Treat everyone courteously

·  Listen to others respectfully

·  Give open-minded consideration to all viewpoints

·  Focus on the issues and avoid personalizing debate

·  Embrace respectful disagreement and dissent as democratic rights, inherent components of an inclusive public process, and tools for forging sound decisions




The Planning Commission considers a range of requests for development permits, appeals, and planning policy matters, and conducts public hearings on many of its agenda items. Due to the number, complexity and public interest associated with many agenda items, meetings of the Commission are generally lengthy. The Commission makes every effort to proceed as expeditiously as possible; your patience and understanding is appreciated.


PUBLIC HEARING PROCEDURES: Each public hearing item includes: ex parte communication disclosure by the Commissioners; presentation of a staff report; Commission questions of staff; a fifteen (15) minute presentation by the project applicant or applicant’s representative or team, if any; Commission questions of the applicant; three (3) minutes for each member of the public wishing to speak to the item (see top of agenda for information on public comment at teleconference meetings); three (3) minutes for project applicant to respond to the public or clarify issues raised by the public; Commission deliberations and decision. For an appeal, the appellant, if not also the applicant, has fifteen (15) minutes to address the Commission prior to the applicant speaking and three (3) minutes to respond to public comment.


SPECIAL TIME LIMITATIONS. The Commission may limit the time of individual speakers or the total time on a particular issue. If there are more than seven (7) speakers requesting to speak on an agenda item, or if twenty (20) or more persons have requested to speak on any combination of items, the project applicant or appellant on any agenda item shall be limited to ten (10) minutes initially and three (3) minutes in rebuttal. Members of the public are permitted three (3) minutes to address the Commission except as follows: if a member of the public requests to speak on more than one agenda item, the time will be three (3) minutes for the first item and two (2) minutes for any other item unless the Commission grants by a majority vote additional time.


ASSIGNING OF TIME for members of the public wishing to speak on an item is permissible within specified limits. A member of the public who wishes to request additional time to speak may represent to the Commission that additional time is being donated by one other speaker present and listening to the meeting via teleconference; staff shall attempt to confirm the representation and advise the Commission of the results, after which, unless staff confirms that the other speaker is not present, the representative speaker will be granted double the speaker time for that particular item. The project applicant, applicant’s representative, or team of representatives (which may include the project architect, attorney, facilitator, and all other representatives of the applicant), shall be allowed a total of fifteen (15) minutes initially and three (3) minutes in rebuttal.


EXTENDED TIME LIMITS FOR SPEAKERS WHO REQUIRE AN INTEPRETER.  A member of the public who utilizes an interpreter to provide English language translation shall receive twice the time otherwise allotted under these Rules. The interpreter should be in the queue for public comment and available to provide English language translation over the phone when called on.


PROFESSIONALS APPEARING BEFORE THE COMMISSION should clearly identify their status, such as "attorney", "paralegal", "architect", "designer", or "landscape architect".  Instances of misrepresentation of professional status may be referred to the City Attorney for possible prosecution.


DEVELOPMENT PROJECT FILES AND PLANS: The project file and project plans regarding any development application on this agenda are available at the Planning Commission webpage:


EX PARTE COMMUNICATION DISCLOSURES. During the pendency of any quasi-judicial proceeding, no member of the Planning Commission may engage in ex parte communications with applicants, appellants, or members of the public with respect to the matter which is the subject of the proceeding unless that member of the Commission discloses such communication. Prior to each quasi-judicial agenda item each Commissioner must place on the record the subject and substance of any written or oral ex parte communication including the identity of the person, group, or entity with whom the communication took place.


TIME LIMITATION ON CONSIDERATION OF NEW ITEMS. The Commission shall not commence consideration of a new item on its agenda after 11:00 p.m. unless otherwise required by State or local law or unless otherwise determined by a majority vote of those Commissioners present.


COPYRIGHT DISCLOSURE AND FAIR USE COMMITMENT FOR COPIES OF ARCHITECTURAL PLANS: ARCHITECTURAL PLANS ARE SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT PROTECTION UNDER STATE AND FEDERAL LAW. UNAUTHORIZED USE OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL MAY RESULT IN A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW, 17 USC § 501. The City of Santa Monica provides copies of architectural plans that are submitted to the City in the course of the design review or land use approval process in order to comply with state public disclosure laws. The City provides copies of these architectural plans for the purpose of facilitating project review, public comment, and news reporting consistent with the doctrine of fair use. Any further use or publication of architectural plans without the permission of the copyright owner may constitute an infringement of applicable copyright projections. By clicking on the links to access draft plans, you are (1) acknowledging the existence of copyright protection for architectural plans; (2) recognizing that the use of such plans is limited by the copyright protection; and (3) represent that you do not intend to use the copies in any manner that would infringe upon the copyright.


THIS AGENDA IS AVAILABLE IN ALTERNATE FORMATS UPON REQUEST.  If you require any special disability related accommodations (i.e. sign language interpreting, access to an amplified sound system, etc.), please contact the City Planning Division at at least three days prior to the scheduled meeting.



Meeting participants using the BlueJeans Desktop App can turn on automated Closed Captions (subtitles) from the Settings tab.


THIS AGENDA IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE up to 72 hours prior to a regular meeting and 24 hours prior to a special meeting.  Please check the agenda prior to the meeting for changes.