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PLEASE TAKE NOTICE to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19), members of the Architectural Review Board, Applicants, and City Staff will all participate via teleconference.


The meeting can be accessed at or by dialing in at +1 (415) 466-7000 (US) PIN: 4440975 #


Those wishing to give public comment may do so by emailing Please note the agenda item in your comments. Comments received later than noon the day of the meeting will be read aloud at the meeting (with time limitations) and must be received prior to the Board’s consideration of the item. Comments received prior to noon the day of the meeting will be distributed to the Board and posted online.



1.             CALL TO ORDER


2.             ROLL CALL


3.             SECRETARY’S REPORT

Provided by Staff Liaison to the Board


4.             APPROVAL OF MINUTES:

·       None



The opportunity exists for any member of the public to address the Board and comment on any subject not on this agenda that is within the subject matter and jurisdiction of the Architectural Review Board. Comments must be sent to prior to the hearing in order to be read into the record.




7.             REVIEWS: Public Input Permitted




7.1      19ARB-0300: 1802 Santa Monica: Commercial Building

          Approval of building design, colors, materials, and landscape plans for a new two-story, Jeep automobile dealership/showroom with ancillary auto repair service and three levels of basement area and subterranean parking.


The application was last reviewed on February 18, 2020.


Staff Report

Applicant’s Submittal Material

Photometric Plan for Lighting


7.2      20ARB-0157: 1514 7th Street: Mixed-Use and Sign Program

          Approval of building design, colors materials, landscape plan and a sign program for the construction of a new 8-story, mixed use building with 1,018 square feet of ground floor commercial retail space, 50 deed restricted affordable residential dwelling units, and two levels of subterranean basement storage and utility area.


The application was reviewed on August 17, 2020.


Staff Report

Applicant’s Submittal Material

August 17, 2020 Staff Report



7.3      20ARB-0204: 2425 20th Street: Multi-Family Residential

Approval of the design, colors, materials, and landscape plans for the construction of a new two-story, three-unit residential development totaling 5,464 square feet with one subterranean level of parking.


Staff Report

Applicant’s Submittal Material

Public Correspondence





a.         Resubmissions




b.         New Submissions


7.4      20ARB-0205: 3280 Lincoln Boulevard: Mixed-Use

          Approval of the design, colors, materials, and landscape plans for the construction of a new two-story, approximately 32 feet high, 2,975 square-foot mixed use project comprised of one residential dwelling unit and 4 parking spaces located on an irregular lot within the GC (General Commercial) District.


Staff Report

Applicant’s Submittal Material



8.             PRELIMINARY REVIEW:


                    8.1      1665 Appian Way: Residential Duplex

Preliminary review of a new Tier 2, three-story, two-unit residential development with one level of semi-subterranean parking. The proposed project is located in the Medium-Density Residential (R3) zone district and is associated with 16ENT-0112 (Development Review Permit) and 16ENT-0113 (Front Setback Variance).


Staff Report

Applicant’s Submittal Material

Historic Resources Inventory



8.2      1650 Euclid: Creative Office

Preliminary review or a new Tier 2, three-story, 39,389 SF creative office building with 134 subterranean parking spaces. The project is located in the Industrial Conservation (IC) District and is associated with Development Review Permit 19ENT-0429 which requires a Preliminary Review. 


Staff Report

Applicant’s Submittal Material



9.             REFERRALS TO STAFF


10.          ADJOURNMENT



*         Noted properties are listed on the City of Santa Monica Inventory of Historic Resources

**        Noted properties are forty (40) years or older and in an area of the City where the Inventory of Historic Resources was updated more than 5 years ago

***      Noted properties have been identified as having a Meritorious Sign on the site




Therese Kelly, Chairperson

Patrick Tighe, Vice-Chair

Barbara Coffman, Board Member

Kevin Daly, Board Member

Craig Hamilton, Board Member

Barbara Kaplan, Board Member

Joshua Rosen, Board Member



Stephanie Reich, Design & Historic Preservation Planner

James Combs, Associate Planner, Liaison to the Board

Gina Szilak, Associate Planner, Liaison to the Board

Melissa Zak, Staff Assistant



Note: For each item the Board will approve, approve with conditions, disapprove or ask for a submission of a redesign on a voluntary basis (continuance).  A submission of a redesign requires no additional filing fee.  Notification of the decision of the Board will be mailed to the applicant.  All decisions of the Board can be appealed to the Planning Commission during the 10-day appeal period following the decision date.  Such an appeal must be made by completing and submitting an appeal form available at the Planning Public Counter, Room 111, in City Hall within the appeal period.  The appeal filing fee is $539.57 and must accompany the appeal form.


Following Board action on your project, you will be mailed a Statement of Official Action (STOA) that details the findings made by the Board and any conditions of approval.  You will attest by signature to the following:


“I hereby acknowledge that the Building, Design, Colors, and Materials [or sign program and sign plans] are as specified in the final application submittal and as approved by the Architectural Review Board, or Planning Commission on appeal, are the approved plans.  Deviations from the approved plans, including, but not limited to any aspect of the design, colors, materials, finish, features, equipment, or signs requires the prior approval of the Architectural Review Board. Minor deviations may be approved by staff in accordance with Architectural Review Board Resolutions. I agree to have the construction plans prepared in compliance with all pertinent details of the ARB approved plans.  In the event of a conflict, the ARB approved Plans shall prevail over the construction plans.  I further acknowledge that failure to construct the project pursuant to the ARB approved plans is grounds for withholding final inspection and occupancy until such discrepancy(s) are resolved."


This agenda is subject to change up to 72 hours prior to a regular meeting and 24 hours prior to a special.  Please check the agenda for prior to the meeting for changes.




PUBLIC COMMENT: During teleconference meetings, members of the public may email their comments to Comments will be read into the record by the Board secretary on behalf of the public, with a reading time limit in accordance with Board rules. All requests to address the Board on public hearing items must be submitted prior to the Board’s consideration of the item.


CONSENT CALENDAR items will be acted upon by the Board at one time without discussion unless a Board member requests discussion on an item or a member of the public has submitted a request to speak on an item.  If such a request is made, the item will be heard after the balance of the Consent Calendar has been voted upon.


HEARING PROCEDURES on each item include presentation of the staff report; Board questions of staff, if any; a two minute presentation by the project applicant on the merits of the proposed design; Board questions of the applicant, if any; two minutes for each member of the public wishing to speak to the item; two minutes for applicant to rebut, clarify, or answer questions or criticism raised in public comment, if any; followed by Board deliberations and decision.



ACTION BY THE ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW BOARD on most matters occurs with votes of at least four Board members on a motion to approve, approve with conditions, or disapprove a proposal (at least four (4) affirmative votes are required for approval).


APPEALS:  Certain actions of the Board can be appealed to the Planning Commission within 10 days of the decision. For specific information on appeals, please contact the City Planning Division.


Any documents produced by the City and distributed to a majority of the Architectural Review Board regarding any item on this agenda will be made available at


For more information regarding the Architectural Review Board agenda, please contact the City Planning Division at