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Office of Sustainability and the Environment

Santa Monica Plans to Triple Public Charger Stations by 2020

The plan provides a comprehensive strategy to increase access to public and private charging infrastructure, synchronize parking policies and develop outreach and education programs to increase awareness.  Download plan (5MB) pdf(1)  EVAP cover1

Is a solar-powered electric vehicle right for you?

Go Solar has established a calculator that helps you make an informed decision about how solar can fuel your personal transportation. With a solar-powered electric vehicle you can save money on gasoline and maintenance, while saving energy and shrinking your carbon footprint.
 EV Auto

Boater's Guide -
Interactive e-Book

The latest version of the popular Southern California Boater's Guide from The Bay Foundation and California State Parks is now available as a free download from iTunes. The Guide contains valuable harbor information, including proper waste disposal and fueling procedures.
Boater's Guide Free Download


Drive Clean

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint, save money or just contribute less to that nasty smog? The California Air Resources Board provides an online buying guide to the cleanest, most efficient cars on the market. 


Green Fleet

The City of Santa Monica has been greening its fleet of vehicles for years. For other municipalities considering making similar decisions, and for anyone interested in the latest alternative technologies, has a round-up of the current state of the field. 


Ready, Set, Charge

The electical utility serving Santa Monica, Southern California Edison, has a library of resources to help consumers Get Ready to Plug-In.
The prevailing wisdom from pundits in the "green media" is that California will play a leading role ushering in widespread adoption of electric cars in the United States and abroad. So for all early-adopters and those in the vanguard of the environmentally responsible, this is a great time to lead by example.

Big Blue Bus

SMC students and staff can now ride the City's Big Blue Bus line for FREE, Any Line, Any Time. Way to go, SMC!  Thanks to a partnership of the Associated Students, Santa Monica College and the Big Blue Bus, students and staff can now get around a lot easier. Info on the Big Blue Bus website can help you plan your trip, or call BBB Customer Service for help at (310) 451-5444.


EV Action Plan


We're working hard to expand and improve our charging infrastructure to help you drive clean. EV Action Plan ADOPTED 5MB pdf symbol  

Breeze Bike Share


Breeze Bike Share is the easiest way to connect to work, play, shopping and friends.
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