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Office of Sustainability and the Environment
Sustainable Santa Monica uses the power of community to enhance our resources, prevent harm to the natural environment and human health, and benefit the social and economic well-being of the community for the sake of current and future generations.

Sustainable City Plan Guiding Principles

The Santa Monica Sustainable City Plan is founded on eleven Guiding Principles that provide the basis from which effective and sustainable decisions can be made. These Guiding Principles have been revised and updated from the versions initially adopted in 1994.
  1. The Concept of Sustainability Guides City Policy
  2. Protection, Preservation, and Restoration of the Natural Environment is a High Priority of the City
  3. Environmental Quality, Economic Health and Social Equity are Mutually Dependent
  4. All Decisions Have Implications to the Long-term Sustainability of Santa Monica
  5. Community Awareness, Responsibility, Participation and Education are Key Elements of a Sustainable Community
  6. Santa Monica Recognizes Its Linkage with the Regional, National, and Global Community
  7. Those Sustainability Issues Most Important to the Community Will be Addressed First, and the Most Cost-Effective Programs and Policies Will be Selected
  8. The City is Committed to Procurement Decisions which Minimize Negative Environmental and Social Impacts
  9. Cross-sector Partnerships Are Necessary to Achieve Sustainable Goals
  10. The Precautionary Principle Provides a Complementary Framework to Help Guide City Decision-Makers in the Pursuit of Sustainability
  11. Santa Monica is Committed to Sustainable Rights for its Residents, Natural Communities and Ecosystems

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