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Leaf Blower Ban
Leaf blowers pose multiple health risks due to air pollution attributed to their use.  The pollution comes in the form of unburned fuel, from the inefficient combustion process inherent in such devices, and from a mixture of fine particles blown into the air, particles that can go deep into the human lungs.  To address these concerns and others, many cities have banned leaf blowers; and Santa Monica has recently renewed its commitment to the enforcement of its leaf blower ban, which has been in place since 1991.  See Leaf Blower Facts page. 

The Law (S.M.M.C. 4.08.270)

No person shall operate any leaf blower (gas, electric, or battery powered) within the City. A leaf blower is defined as any motorized tool (gas, electric, or battery powered) used to propel fallen leaves and debris for removal. Infractions will be punishable by substantial fines to property owners, property and landscape management companies, individual operators, and/or water customers.


Reporting Leaf Blower Use

Report violations with your iPhone or Android phone, online using GO Santa Monica, by email, or by telephone.  Please provide an addressdate and time of day.  Code Compliance staff (Planning Dept.) will promptly follow-up on all inquiries.


Apps for Reporting Violations

Download GORequest iPhone App   


Download GORequest Android App

Enforcement Policy & Process:

  • Please continue to report violations as they occur. Each report is recorded, monitored and acted upon accordingly.
  • The Code Enforcement Division of the Department of Planning and Community Development enforces this law. 
      • Fines may be assessed to anyone found operating a prohibited leaf blower 
      • Property owners and/or property management companies may also be fined for allowing the use of a leaf blower on their property.
  • Staff responds to reported violations and also conducts proactive enforcement


Use alternatives like push brooms, rakes, and manual leaf sweeping machines. Leaf vacuums may be an option for larger properties.

  • Put your leaves to good use. Leaves left in place help soil retain moisture, thus minimizing irrigation requirements. Leaves used as a mulch eventually decompose and enrich the soil.
  • Hosing down paved surfaces or sweeping debris into the gutter is NOTacceptable however, and also violates city code.
  • Grants and rebates are available for a limited time to help Santa Monica property owners transform their lawns into colorful sustainable gardens that don’t need mowing, edging or blowing.  Click here for details.

Last updated: Wednesday, 08/08/2018


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