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 UPDATE  Landscape Rebate Programs Closed for FY19-20

Landscape Rebate Programs (Cash for Grass and Spray to Drip) are now closed as funding has been depleted. As a result, no new applications are being accepted. We anticipate these rebate programs will resume the next 2020-2021 Fiscal Year (which starts July 1, 2020). However, this is dependent upon available funds and Council approval. 

Please check back for status updates. If you have any questions, please email or call 310-458-8972, x1.


Rain Harvest Rebate


Converting to Drip Irrigation - The Definitive Guide


All About Plants

Take a gander at some gorgeous gardens, point and click on the plants you like and automatically compile a printable list of plants type with all the details required to get you started. 

Find a Pro


Looking for help from a professional?  Try the WaterSense Directory of Certified Professionals.



Stop invasive plants from endangering California's wildlands.  Discover beautiful, non-invasive plants for you at PlantRight.   

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