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Airport Demonstration Gardens Design Contest
Many Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to our winners!

Winning Entry

Garden 1 :  Design 1
Marianne Simon of Poetic Plantings


 Poetic_Plantings_Design pdf ; Poetic_Plantings_Plant_Guide pdf

This garden was designed to create a sense of privacy for the homeowner, while still maintaining a relationship to the neighborhood. It is elegant, simple to install, and will work with an assortment of architectural styles.

The patio is comprised of both linear and organic elements.  It is completely permeable, and can be built with an assortment of materials.  It sits, nestled in the center of the garden, accessible via the indirect route between the street and the entry.  The sense of privacy is created via the multi-trunk specimen tree near the street as well as the smaller trees and shrubs that provide separation from the neighbors.

The path from street to entry provides a journey thru the rest of the garden, where it will pass thru a plant palette of both native and California friendly plantings. The small water feature by the patio, the variety of plantings, and the abundance of birds and butterflies they invite, all combine to create a delightful garden sanctuary.  Poetic_Plantings_Bio pdf

Garden 1 : Design 2
Eyal Zuker of Landsculpting

 landsculpting_Design pdflandsculpting_Plant_Guide  pdf



The main objective of this design is to communicate primary sustainable landscape design principals in a simple, efficient, clear, quick and aesthetic way.

There is a subjective element in every design. Emotions, aesthetics, cultural background and more are all essential and legitimate ingredients in creating a meaningful design. The emphasis of this design, however, is to focus on objective design principals, which should apply to any landscape design. The final design is one of my subjective ways to harmonize these principals.

 landsculpting_Bio pdf

Garden 1 : Design 3
Grace Phillips Garden Design

 Grace_Phillips_Design_+_Plant_Guide pdf

This garden is for all the senses: smell the sage, taste the fruit, hear the wind in the trees, see the grasses move. Watch bees cluster on the wild lilac, and butterflies visit the yarrow. Lie down on the bench and soak up the sun. Or sit and talk with a friend. Jump off the benches and tumble in the sedge meadow, or enjoy the quiet shade of the manzanita...
This garden is easy on the conscience: the gate and bench are made of either recycled concrete or recycled brick. The entire area soaks up its own rain. The plants are appropriate to our Santa Monica climate. The birds, bees and butterflies will enjoy it as much as the people.
Grace Phillips is a Santa Monica-based designer who specializes in low-maintenance, fauna-friendly, sustainable landscapes.


Garden 2 : Design 1
Ania Lejman of ALD Landscape Design-Build

 ALD_Design pdfALD_Plant_Guide pdf

A sweep of fragrant sage and Mediterranean native plants border a low-water lawn alternative providing a lively habitat to attract hummingbirds and beneficial insects; a garden composed of vibrant South African plant varieties interspersed with billowy drifts of steel blue grasses; gently raised planting berms create a sense of peaceful enclosure while adding movement and viewing interest as a visitor passes through.
The raised deck serves as a way to mitigate the roots of the existing ficus tree as it matures while offering an elevated view of the gardens. The deck may be constructed from sustainable materials such as Trex decking, reclaimed wood or lumber from responsibly managed sources. The gravel garden area offers contrasting foliage, texture and examples of unique, colorul ground-cover and permeable paving.

 ALD_Bio pdf

Winning Entry

Garden 2 : Design 2
Francesca Corra of Dirt Diva Designs

 Dirt_Diva_Design pdf ;  Dirt_Diva_Plant_Guide pdf

In creating this design, my goal was to give you, the homeowner, as much flexibility as possible in order to adapt the design to your own property.
The decomposed granite pathway is very fluid. It starts at the street, winds first through a partially walled-in courtyard area and then through another circular area before arriving at the front entry. The angle of the path can easily be changed depending on the indicidual needs of the site.
All the plants are suited to our Mediterranean climate. With minimal water, they will perform beautifully in your garden. The colors are mainly purples and blues, with a pop here and there of red and pink.
The courtyard area, surrounded by trees, is the perfect spot to sit and relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy all the birds and butterflies that will be feeding in your garden... (more in Dirt Diva Design)

 DirtDivaBio pdf

Garden 2 : Design 3
Cassy Aoyagi of Form LA, Inc.

  FormLA_Design pdf ;  FormLA_Plant_Guide pdf

FormLA Landscaping's design creates a landscape environment for your home that is safe, healthy, easy-to-maintain, and sustainable. Designed to complement Santa Monica's varied styles of architecture and characters of its neighborhoods, this landscape plan has the versatility to work well for you home and achieve your specific goals.

The diverse plant pallete brings beauty and vibrancy, whether in shade or full-sun environments and the variety of offerings provides interest for every time of year. For all its richness and  complexity, the design remains easy to implement... more 
 FormLA_Bio pdf


Garden 3 : Design 1
Stephen Gabor of Gabor + Allen, Inc.

 Gabor+Allen_Design_+_Plant _Guide pdf

Stephen Gabor and Patrick Allen, of Gabor + Allen create design build and landscape projects that cover a breadth of styles, and always feel tasteful and inviting.

To enhance flow in their landscapes, Stephen and Patrick find ways to transition between elements. For example, they might extend the flagstone tiles used in an outdoor dining area a few feet into the garden in order to invite excploration. And as members of the United States Green Building Council and the Santa Monica Sustainable Landscape Professionals Program, Gabor + Allen utilize sustainable materials and practices.
 Gabor+Allen_Bio pdf

Garden 3 : Design 2
Arleen Ferrara of Satori Garden Design

 Satori_Design pdfSatori_Plant_Guide pdf

This is a garden that gives back more than it takes.  Native bees, insects and birds will appreciate the native habitat plants.  Water is directed to two bioswale areas, keeping water on the property.

Recycled concrete and plastic milk jugs find another life as paving and furniture.  Finally, the overall design is one that invites rest and renewal from the scent of the Salvias to the swish of the Rushes.

Satori Garden Design is the “outcropping” of my long term passion for plants, art and design.  I grew up on a small farm in the Central Valley of California and we were always growing something – mainly things to eat.  In addition to loving horticulture, I’ve always been a creative and curious type.  Whether it’s drawing, knitting, painting, scrapbooking, jewelry design, mosaics, paper making…I love it all.  

 Satori_Bio pdf

Winning Entry

Garden 3: Design 3
Peter Jensen of Gaudet Design Group and Doug Shemer of Groundswell

 Gaudet,_Groundswell_Design_+_Plant_Guide pdf

Constructed to resemble a typical landscape, the garden is composed of an open turf area, a formal hedged planting bed, and a mixed flower planting area. Utilizing native and mediterranean plants along with a lawn substitute demonstrates how even the typical landscape can be transformed into an environmentally-conscious garden, while maintaining the aesthetic sensibility that is favored in residential gardens today. Incorporating raised planters and an herb garden demonstrates how edible garden elements can be melded into a cohesive and interactive landscape space: a beautiful environmentally friendly landscape without the succulents and cactus, allowing for its replication in many architectural styles.

Peter Jensen: The Gaudet Design Group is a Santa Monica based landscape architectural firm, providing full landscape design & consulting services.  GDG has been in operation since 1999, providing our clients with critical insight in making their landscape beautiful and sustainable. GDG is devoted to environmentally conscious design.
Doug Shemer (Groundswell) is a landscape designer, providing full consulting, design and installation services.  Doug has been working in the field since 2003 completing many jobs in Santa Monica and the Westside with a focus on creating sustainable and unique environments.

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