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This last year we have witnessed devastating wildfires, heavy rains and the resultant mudslides, hurricanes, and horrific earthquakes. Whether they are close to home or miles away, it is important that we recognize that people helping people, neighbors rescuing neighbors, and communities working together, are the only way lives and property will be saved in such a catastrophic disaster. 


Similar to what we can expect in our next catastrophic disaster, be it earthquake, or another event, we need to be prepared and be able to rely on those in our community and households to assist us, until first responders arrive.  This is in line with the Santa Monica Office of Emergency Management's mantra of:

1) get a kit, 2) have a plan, and


3) be informed.  

These basic steps should provide people with the means to cope in a disaster and become part of the response and recovery that our communities will surely need.  


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The moving images on the news of disaster events are moving all of us to want to assist in some way.  It is important to know that the best way to assist those affected is to donate money to a reputable relief organization.  Donating clothes and other goods is less effective due to the need to logistical demands this puts on relief agencies to sort, clean, and deliver such goods.  Donations to reputable relief organizations put much needed money back in to the affected community and can be better used to address specific needs of each community.

Please take a moment this week to check your emergency supplies, update your contact information, and sign up to receive community emergency alerts.  For more information on being prepared, please visit the various tabs on this OEM website.

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