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Office of Emergency Management

Be Ready When The Next Emergency Strikes! 

The 2019 wildfires and smoke are an important reminder that disasters can happen at any time and being prepared for the next big one is critical. This time we were lucky in Santa Monica, but next time we may not be. We should also use these as reminders that anything can happen at any moment.  

Start planning now and please take this time to assess how prepared your family and community are.  For further information, read further or click on the above informational tabs or on any of the below icons.

For current information on the local fires click here:

When there is an event and Santa Monica is not directly impacted, many of our concerned community members still want to know how they can help. City Hall and Fire Stations located in Santa Monica usually don't accept hard goods and recommend that you make monetary contributions instead to the following local non-profits:





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 Three Steps to Preparedness

Take action to prepare your family, organization, or community on what we can expect in our next catastrophic disaster, be it earthquake, or another event.  This is in line with the Santa Monica Office of Emergency Management's mantra of:
                 1) Get a kit, 2) Have a plan, and 3) Be informed. 

These basic steps should provide people with the means to cope in a disaster and become part of the response and recovery that our communities will surely need.  (click on the Preparedness tab)

Please take a moment this week to check your emergency supplies, update your contact information, sign up to receive community emergency alerts, and take the next Santa Monica CERT class which starts on August, 2020.  For more information on this class, click on the CERT icon below or on the Programs tab above.













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