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"Consumer Corner" Columns in the Santa Monica Daily Press


    Romance Scams and Online Fraud are On the Rise

    Every Month Should Be Fair Housing Month

    Beware of Mandatory Arbitration Clauses in Rental Leases

    Don't Rush Into PACE Program Without Weighing Risks

    Landlords Cannot Avoid Paying Tenants' Attorneys' Fees in Housing Rights Cases

    Charities: Check Before You Give

    Price Gouging: Taking Advantage of Consumers in an Emergency

    Credit Reports and Protecting Your Identity

    Students and Educators Protected from No-Fault Evictions During School Year

    How Much Does My Meal Really Cost?

    New California Law Creates Protections for Immigrant Tenants

    California's False Advertising Law

    How to Spot and Avoid Rental Scams

    Tenant vs. Tenant

    Charities: Do Your Homework Before You Donate

    Privacy Rights for Tenants (Part 2) 

    Public Smoking in Santa Monica

    What if My Landlord Offers Me a Buyout? 

    Temporary Relocation Payments for Santa Monica Tenants

    "No Section 8" Policies by Landlords Now Unlawful in Santa Monica

    Small Claims Court

    All That Glitters Is Not a Good Investment     

    Buying a Used Car

    Putting More Eyes on Human Trafficking in Los Angeles County

    Ellis Evictions

    Hate-Related Harassment On the Rise

    Help, I'm Being Evicted!

    Clearing the Air in Santa Monica's Apartments and Condos

    How to Avoid the Contractor Blues

    Are Those Products Really Eco-Friendly?

    Living in Santa Monica with Emotional Support Animals

    When Credit Cards Keep on Paying

    When Can a Landlord Enter a Tenant's Unit? 

    What if the Landlord Won't Accept My Rent?

    Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications

    Housing Discrimination in Santa Monica? 

    The Tenant Harassment Law

    Donate With Care!

    What Santa Moniica's Consumer Protection Division Can Do For You

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