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Public Rights Division
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Housing Issues

Housing Issues
We help tenants and property owners understand their rights and responsibilities, while encouraging cooperation. We also enforce the law through court actions.

Disability Rights


People with disabilities must get equal access to housing and to virtually all places of business. We take complaints and answer questions about possible violations of the disability rights laws.

Code Enforcement

We enforce a wide range of municipal code provisions intended to improve the quality of life for all Santa Monica residents and visitors.


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We enforce a wide variety of local and state laws to assure that Santa Monica businesses treat all of their customers fairly.

Smoke-Free Laws

Smoke Free Laws

Santa Monica is a leader in protecting its residents and visitors from the harms of second-hand smoke. Learn more about our programs here.

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Public Rights/Consumer Staff

Eda Suh, Chief Deputy City Attorney

Andrew Braver, Deputy City Attorney

Jonathan Erwin-Frank, Deputy City Attorney

Gary Rhoades, Deputy City Attorney

Autumn Rindels, Deputy City Attorney

Andrea Cavanaugh, Consumer Specialist

Brigette Garay, Consumer Protection Investigator

Johanna Rodriguez, Community Liaison

California Reasonable Accommodations & Modifications: The Nifty 50

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