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Councilmember Oscar de la Torre

Oscar was born and raised in the City of Santa Monica. He was first elected to the City Council in 2020. Before being elected to the Council, he served eighteen years on the SMMUSD Board of Education, serving as President of the Board in 2008-09.

Oscar has committed his life to public service. Upon completing his MA Degree in Public Affairs he returned to Santa Monica to serve his community. In response to persistent youth violence, Oscar led efforts to transform youth development services and programming for historically marginalized youth. These efforts have resulted in sustained decreases in youth violence and a corresponding increase in the college going rate for lower income youth of color.

Using his experience in addressing public safety issues, Mr. de la Torre is committed to ensuring Santa Monica becomes a safer and cleaner city. He is working to address homelessness, affordable housing, gentrification, environmental justice, youth & senior services, local business recovery and support and equity in all areas of the City's operations.

Oscar is a champion for resident quality of life concerns and believes that Santa Monica can become a beacon of inclusion, safety and progress for all.

Last updated: 5/27/2021
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