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Mayor Pro Tempore Terry O'Day

Mayor Pro Tempore Terry O'Day was first elected as Councilmember for the City of Santa Monica in November 2010. He has served two years as Mayor Pro Tempore and is currently serving as Mayor Pro Tempore until November 8, 2020. The city serves over 90,000 residents and a daytime population up to 300,000, with 1,700 employees, a $650 million annual budget and an AAA bond rating. Terry led a six-year process to update the City’s General Plan, which became the leading example of environmental land use planning in the state, reducing projected per capita greenhouse gas emissions from land use by 31 percent in 25 years. He has been active with community organizations throughout California and Mexico; including Waterkeeper Alliance, Coro Southern California; The USC Center for Sustainable Cities, Environmental Entrepreneurs and as the Board Chair of the Coalition for Clean Air.

Terry is responsible for product strategy and market development for EVgo. The company is the leading provider of fast charging to electric vehicles of all makes. Terry’s responsibilities include a $100 million investment to build electric vehicle (EV) charging networks throughout California, regulatory and legislative initiatives, marketing, communications, technology demonstration programs and pricing strategy. 

Prior to joining EVgo, Terry was Executive Director of Environment Now foundation, a strategic, entrepreneurial, activist leader in California. The organization founded dozens of activist environmental organizations protecting air, land and water quality in California and Mexico. In 2007, Terry cofounded Move LA and developed LA County’s Measure R, which over 67% of voters approved in 2008 and is contributing over $40 billion to transit investment countywide. 

Terry began his career with Edison International, where he contributed to founding four businesses in energy, security services, and electric vehicle charging. He went on to cofound EV Rental Cars, which was the first rental company in the United States to offer only environmental vehicles, such as hybrid, natural gas, and electric cars to the general public. It served fifteen airports in six states and more than 500,000 customers, with over 700 cars. Terry has served on various start-up boards and in advisory roles for companies in energy, technology, transportation and infrastructure.

He holds an MBA from The UCLA Anderson School of Management and completed the Coro Public Affairs Fellows Program in Los Angeles. He earned a BA with honors in Public Policy at Stanford University, with a thesis addressing public finance and demand management of electricity. 

Last updated: 12/18/2018
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