City Council Report


City Council Meeting: April 28, 2015

Agenda Item: 3-D


To:          Mayor and City Council

From:      Jory Wolf, Chief Information Officer

Subject:   Professional Services Agreement for Managed Video Service for the City's Websites


Recommended Action

Staff recommends that the City Council:

1.     Award RFP# 22 to Granicus, Inc., a California-based company to provide managed video service for the City’s websites;

2.     Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a professional service agreement with Granicus, Inc, in an amount not to exceed $17,786.40 for one year, with four-additional one-year renewal option(s) in the amount of $71,145.60, on the same terms and conditions for a total amount not to exceed $88,932 over a five-year period, with future year funding contingent on Council budget approval.


Executive Summary

The City posts video and audio recordings of City Council and other public meetings as well as CityTV programming on the City website.  The City currently uses Granicus, Inc. to provide managed video services to support the hosting, management, and archiving of this content. The current agreement with Granicus, Inc. expires on June 1, 2015.  Staff recommends that Granicus, Inc. continue to provide managed video service for the City’s websites at an annual cost of $17,786.40, for a total amount not to exceed $88,932 over five years.



The Information Systems Department manages the City’s public websites, a proven means of effectively providing information to the community.  Included on the City’s websites are video and audio archives of many of the City’s public meetings, including City Council meetings, various boards and commission meetings, as well as CityTV programming.  The City has traditionally contracted with an outside vendor to provide streaming and recorded audio and video services via the Internet. The decision to use contractual services rests in the high cost of storage and bandwidth associated with online audio and video services and the technical difficulty of indexing archived video.


On June 1, 2010, the City entered into a one-year Professional Services Agreement with Granicus, Inc. to provide managed video service. On October 17, 2011, the City entered into a first modification of the agreement to include video streaming formatted to be compatible with selected mobile devices, and to extend the term of the agreement by two years through FY 2012-13.  On May 28, 2013, Council authorized a second modification of the agreement, extending the term for an additional two years. 


Prior to Granicus, Inc., City Council, Planning Commission, and Rent Control Board meeting videos were streamed live on the World Wide Web, but were not archived due to the technical difficulty and cost associated with storing and indexing the video recordings.  Granicus, Inc. provided a cost-effective way to provide live-streaming and archival video feeds of these meetings, which the City makes available via its website. The current agreement with Granicus, Inc. expires on June 1, 2015.  Staff recommends Granicus, Inc. to continue to provide managed video services for the City’s websites.



The City intends to continue offering the same or similar streaming video service to the public.  This includes live broadcasts of selected public meetings, audio and video archives of a larger number of public meetings with video archives indexed to meeting agendas.  The video service also supports a set of web based templates used to offer video on the CityTV and the general city websites.  All audio and video must be useable on common mobile platforms.


Vendor/Consultant Selection


In February 2015, the City issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Managed Video Service.  The RFP was posted on the City's on-line bidding site, and notices were advertised in the Santa Monica Daily Press in accordance with City Charter and Municipal Code provisions.  878 vendors were notified, 37 vendors downloaded the RFP, and 4 firms responded.  The respondents were Granicus, Inc., Accela, Inc., Swagit Productions, LLC, and Becki True Consulting, LLC. Responses to the RFP were reviewed by a selection panel of staff from the Information Systems Department, Records and Election Services, and the City Manager’s Office.


Evaluation was based on the following selection criteria: experience, references, project team, cost, quality of work/technical capability, and overall responsiveness to RFP.  Staff recommends Granicus, Inc. as the best qualified bidder to provide managed video services for the City’s websites.  Granicus was selected based on their experience providing video streaming services, references, pricing, and because their proposal was the only one that met all the criteria set forth in the bid specifications.  Granicus, Inc. provides streaming services for over one thousand government agencies, including City of Los Angeles, Long Beach, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Malibu.  Granicus, Inc. will provide managed video services at an annual cost of $17,786.40, for a total amount not to exceed $88,932 over five years.


Financial Impacts and Budget Actions

The agreement to be awarded to Granicus, Inc. is for an amount not to exceed $88,932.00. Funds for FY 2014-15 are available in the Information Systems Department and City Manager budgets.  The agreement will be charged annually as follows:


          01247.579260         $16,500.00

          012072.544010       $  1,286.40

          TOTAL                   $17,786.40


  Future year funding is contingent on Council budget approval.


Prepared By:         Keith Kurtz, Internet Systems Analyst




Forwarded to Council:







Jory Wolf

Chief Information Officer


Elaine M. Polachek

Interim City Manager



A.    May 28, 2013 Staff Report - Item 3C