Attachment B

Third Community Workshop Survey – November 13, 2010



During the Third Community Workshop a survey was distributed to those in attendance.  The survey was also posted on-line for a period of one month.   The survey was included on the project web site, included in e-blasts, and periodically posted on the City’s main web page and in on the City intranet page.


QUESTION NO. 4.  During the initial planning process that resulted in the Civic Center Specific Plan, the two parks we are currently planning were identified as “Palisades Garden Walk” and the “Town Square.”  The name, “Palisades Garden Walk,” was selected to convey the concept that the user’s experience in this park should be similar to and an extension of the type of experience in Palisades Park – one of discovery as one walks on pathways from one area to another.  The name “Town Square” was intended to convey the democratic and civic nature of that space in front of City Hall.  Since that time, the City Council has asked that the community be involved in finalizing the names for these two new parks.   What are your ideas?




109 surveys were completed.  69 participants responded to Question No. 4.   A long list of names was suggested.  These were the basis for the more specific naming question included in the fourth Community Workshop survey (see Attachment D). 


For “Palisades Garden Walk,” in general:

          Arroyo was included in 15 suggestions

          Arcadia or Bandini was used in 8 suggestions

          Ocean was used in 7 suggestions

          Gardens was used in 7 suggestions