City Council Meeting: September 11, 2012

Agenda Item: 3-D

To:                   Mayor and City Council 

From:              Karen Ginsberg, Director of Community and Cultural Services

Subject:          Award Bid to Star-Dust Tours to Provide Bus Transportation Services



Recommended Action

Staff recommends that the City Council:

1.    Award Bid #4010 to Star-Dust Tours, Inc., DBA The Bus, a California based company, to provide bus transportation services as requested by the Community and Cultural Services Department.  The total annual expenditure is $81,600 per year with two one year options to renew, for a purchase order agreement total amount not to exceed $244,800.

2.    Appropriate the budget increases as outlined in the Financial Impacts and Budget Actions section of this report.


Executive Summary

With the ending of the Big Blue Bus Charter services the Community and Cultural Services Department proposes to use a single vendor for transportation to various athletic, educational, and social activities.  Following a formal bid process, staff recommends Star-Dust Tours as the only bidder that met specifications.  The cost of the purchase order agreement shall not exceed $244,800.




The Community and Cultural Services (CCS) Department schedules up to 105 excursions per fiscal year for the Santa Monica Adaptive Recreation and Sports Program, including Westside Special Olympics, plus various youth and senior programs.  The amount requested in the bid is based on previous years’ expenses and programming.  


Vendor Selection

In June 2012, the City published Notices Inviting Bids to provide bus transportation services as requested by the Community and Cultural Services Department, in accordance with City specifications.  The bid was posted on the City’s on-line bidding site, and notices were advertised in the Santa Monica Daily Press in accordance with City Charter and Municipal Code provisions.  Two bids were received and publicly opened on June 25, 2012 per Attachment A.  Bids were evaluated based on price, quality of buses available, quality of service, and compliance with City specifications.  Star-Dust Tours, Inc. is recommended as the best bidder as they were the only bidder able to meet all of the specifications and they have a good standing relationship with the City. They currently provide services for CCS youth program excursions. Star-Dust Tours will provide transportation to theme parks, sporting, and program related activities including museums, camping weekends, and college tours.



Financial Impacts & Budget Actions

The amount of the purchase order to be awarded to Star-Dust Tours is $81,600 per year with two one-year options to renew, for a purchase order agreement total amount not to exceed $244,800.  Funds in the amount of $51,600 are available in various Proposition A accounts in the FY 2012-13 Adopted Budget, detailed below. 



Prop A - PAL


$          14,000.00



Prop A - VAP


$            8,500.00



Prop A – CREST


$          19,000.00



Prop A – CREST Sports


$          10,100.00

Total included in FY 2012-13 Budget


$          51,600.00



Prop A – Community Rec


$          30,000.00





$          81,600.00


Award of the purchase order requires a budget appropriation of $30,000 to account 2054410.578390; funds are available within the City’s Proposition A allocation.


Budget authority for subsequent years will be requested in each budget cycle for Council approval. 


Prepared by: Patty Loggins-Tazi, Human Services Administrator





Forwarded to Council:







Karen Ginsberg

Director, Community and Cultural Services


Rod Gould

City Manager




Attachments:  Attachment A - Pricing