City Council Report


City Council Meeting: May 22, 2012

Agenda Item: 3-H


To:               Mayor and City Council 

From:           Martin Pastucha, Director of Public Works

Subject:        Construction Contract for Pico Branch Library



Recommended Action

Staff recommends that the City Council:

1.     Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a contract with R.C. Construction Services, Inc., a California-based company, in an amount not to exceed $6,915,020 for construction of the Pico Branch Library.

2.     Authorize the Director of Public Works to issue any necessary change orders to complete additional work within budget authority.

3.     Appropriate the budget increases as outlined in the Financial Impacts and Budget Actions Section of this report.


Executive Summary

In May 2009, Council approved construction of a new branch library in Virginia Avenue Park. Following the selection of design consultant Koning Eizenberg Architects in February 2010, the City-hired design consultant prepared construction documents for the new Pico Branch Library project.   The facility design is nearly complete and ready for construction.  A Request for Bids for construction services was issued and upon evaluating bids received, staff recommends R.C. Construction Services, Inc. to construct the new Pico Branch Library facility, with a total project cost not to exceed $6,915,020.




On May 12, 2009, Council approved construction of a new branch library at Virginia Avenue Park as one of the Redevelopment Agency’s priority projects.  Following Council’s action, staff solicited firms to provide design services for the new Pico Branch Library.  On February 23, 2010, Council awarded a design contract to Koning Eizenberg Architects.  The firm was selected based on its familiarity with the Pico neighborhood, broad experience in working with the community, and the quality of its built projects, which includes Virginia Avenue Park.  On February 22, 2011, Council reviewed the proposed design concepts for the Pico Branch Library project and directed staff to move forward with schematic design.  On September 27, 2011, Council reviewed and provided input on the proposed design concepts for the Pico Branch Library project and directed staff to move forward with the construction document phase of design.  The design phase is nearly complete and the project is ready for construction.



A Notice Inviting Bids was issued on January 25, 2012, and published in the Santa Monica Daily Press and posted on the City’s website.  The scope of work includes the construction of the Library and Community Room, and related improvements and upgrades.  A total of 20 firms attended the pre-bid job walk held on February 2, 2012.   The City Clerk’s Office publicly opened sealed bids on March 13, 2012.  A total of 18 bids were submitted, and after initial evaluation, five bids were deemed non-responsive and rejected, leaving 13 bids for evaluation.  The bid results are as follows:




Base Bid

Western Alta Construction




PW Construction, Inc.




PCN3, Inc.




AKG Construction, Inc.




G2K Construction, Inc.




R.C. Construction Services, Inc.




Mallcraft, Inc.




TOBO Construction, Inc.




AWI Builders, Inc.




Pacwest Corp.




USS Cal Builders




Royal Construction Corp.




Morillo Construction, Inc.





Staff from Public Works Department evaluated the bids based on competitive pricing, experience and qualifications, proposed project team, subcontractors’ qualifications, references, and amount of work to be self-performed.   Based on the established criteria and weight below, PW Construction, AKG Construction, and R.C. Construction Services were invited to interview with staff. 


After a thorough review and interview process, staff recommends R.C. Construction Services, Inc. as the best bidder.  R.C. Construction Services, Inc. has completed multiple municipal projects, including three recent library projects: Highgrove Regional Library in Highgrove, CA; Woodcrest Library in Riverside, CA; and Sun City Library in Sun City, CA. R.C. Construction Services, Inc. demonstrated experience with LEED projects and Building Information Modeling process, which is 3-D modeling tool to assist in the design, construction and operation of a building project, as well as clarifying its details.  Staff reviewed the submitted subcontractors list and found that R.C. Construction Services, Inc. has a subcontractor selection process in place, requires subcontractor bonding, and has an established working relationship with the majority of the subcontractors.  Further, staff evaluated the amount of work to be self-performed and scored the contractor based on overall self-performed work as well as for self-performed components that are of significant importance to this project schedule.  Staff contacted reference agencies and all respondents reported that R.C. Construction Services, Inc.’s work was completed in a timely and cost-efficient manner while maintaining consistent quality.  Staff also verified with the Contractors State License Board that R.C. Construction Services, Inc.’s license is current, active, and in good standing.


The total contract amount of $6,915,020 includes the Base Bid of $6,190,382 plus a 10% contingency of $619,038 and an Alternate Bid for a Rainwater Harvesting System in the amount of $96,000 plus a 10% contingency of $9,600.  The Rainwater Harvesting System would allow rainwater to be harvested, stored and then treated for toilet flushing. 


Financial Impacts & Budget Actions

The contract amount to be awarded to R.C. Construction Services, Inc. is $6,915,020.  Funds for the base bid ($6,809,420) are available in the FY 2012-13 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget, pending Council approval, and will be appropriated as part of the FY 2012-13 CIP budget process.  Remaining funds ($105,600) for the Rainwater Harvesting System are available in the FY 2011-12 budget at account 25.335018 (water demand mitigation fees).    


Award of contract also requires a budget action to release $105,600 (Alternate Bid for Rainwater Harvesting System) from fund balance 25.335018 to account C254032.589000.


Prepared by: Tom Afschar, Architect



Forwarded to Council:







Martin Pastucha

Director of Public Works


Rod Gould

City Manager