City Council Report


City Council Meeting: September 27, 2011

Agenda Item:  8-C


To:               Mayor and City Council 

From:           Martin Pastucha, Director of Public Works

Subject:        Guaranteed Maximum Price Amendment for Parking Structure 6


Recommended Action

Staff recommends that the City Council:

1.     Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) amendment to Design-Build Contract No. 9212 (CCS) for construction services with Morley Construction Company, a California-based company, in an amount not to exceed $39,276,453 (includes an 8% contingency) for a contract total of $43,165,803 for the demolition and rebuilding of Parking Structure 6.

2.     Authorize the Director of Public Works to issue any necessary change orders to complete additional work within budget authority.


Executive Summary

On June 30, 2009, Council approved a contract with Morley Construction Company as the design-builder for the rebuild of Parking Structure 6. The design-build team includes International Parking Design (IPD) as the parking designers and Behnisch Architekten as the design architect.  Staff is requesting an amendment to the design-build contract with Morley Construction Company for construction services of Parking Structure 6 for a Guaranteed Maximum Price of $39,276,453, for a contract total of $43,165,803.



On February 28, 2006, Council approved the Downtown Parking Program and authorized staff to proceed with the next steps of implementation.  The Program recommended that Parking Structures 1 and 6 be demolished and rebuilt in the same locations with additional spaces.  The structures were to include ground floor retail, bicycle storage facilities, and solar panels on the roof.


On May 9, 2006, Council approved the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Parking Program at Parking Structure 6.  The EIR analyzed an envelope of three levels below ground and up to eight levels above ground.  On June 30, 2009, Council approved Design-Build Contract No. 9212 (CCS) with Morley Construction Company, in an amount not to exceed $195,000, to provide preconstruction services for Parking Structures 1 and 6.  On September 8, 2009, Council adopted the Walker Parking Study recommendations regarding managing and planning of future parking needs.  Reconstruction and expansion of Parking Structure 6 was among the Walker Parking Study recommendations.  On November 10, 2009, Council directed staff to rebuild only Parking Structure 6 based on the parking needs identified in the Walker Parking Study. 


On May 11, 2010, Council approved the GMP to Design-Build Contract No. 9212 (CCS) with Morley Construction Company, in the amount of $3,694,350, for architectural and engineering design services of Parking Structure 6.  The design team includes International Parking Design, Inc., as the parking designer and Behnisch Architekten as the architect for the design elements.  On January 11, 2011, Council approved the proposed conceptual design for Parking Structure 6.  On April 26, 2011, Council approved the proposed schematic design and granted an appeal approving the conditional use permit for Parking Structure 6.  On July 26, 2011, Council reviewed the 50% design development plans and directed staff to move forward with construction documents.   



Staff is requesting a GMP amendment to the existing Design-Build Contract No. 9212 for construction of the facility.  Staff will return to Council with requests for authorization for additional third party contracts for direct owner costs related to the project which will include, but not be limited to, inspection and testing services and construction management services, in an amount not to exceed $3.8M. Construction is anticipated to begin in spring 2012 and complete at the end of 2013.


The plans for Parking Structure 6 consist of three subterranean levels and eight above-ground parking levels.  The plans incorporate a dynamic circulation zone at the façade, which becomes an identifier for this structure.  Patrons would cascade up and down an exterior diagonal stair that weaves in and out of the plane of the façade.  This increases public safety by its high visibility and offers patrons unique ocean views.  There are no significant changes to the proposed design since the July 26, 2011 Council meeting.


Programming Elements

The programming elements included in the 50% design development drawings are as follows:

·       Approximately 750 parking spaces total above and below grade, a net increase of approximately 400 parking spaces.

·       A total of 13 general ADA parking spaces and 15 van ADA spaces.

·       Above grade parking and below grade parking will function as two separate parking structures operationally.  There will be no vehicular connection between the two.

·       Maximum height of the structure is 84 feet to the top of the uppermost parking surface.  Presently, two of the three downtown parking structures on 2nd Street are at 84 feet.  These existing parking structures also do not have stepbacks or setbacks.

·       No exit booth or parking office; patrons will pay via pay-on-foot machines.

·       Approximately 7,000 square feet of retail space fronting 2nd Street.

·       Approximately 750 square feet for the Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. Ambassadors break room and storage space.

·       Approximately 3,000 square feet for the Farmers’ Market storage space.

·       30 electrical vehicle charging stations will be installed. Infrastructure for future electrical vehicle charging stations will be installed at some of the inner columns of the parking structure to accommodate future electrical vehicle charging stations in the future.

·       Bike racks on the ground level to accommodate up to 90 bicycles.  The bike area will have frontage on 2nd Street.

·       No public restrooms in the parking structure; however, there will be restrooms for the retail employees.

·       Solar panels on the roof, designed for a minimum 80kW system.

·       One stair and one elevator at the northeast corner (alley). One stair and two elevators at the southwest corner (on 2nd Street).

·       Trash area on the alley side of the structure will accommodate a total of 14 trash and recycle bins.

·       Design will maximize storage space.

·       Structure will be designed to achieve LEED silver rating, to the maximum extent possible.


Next Steps

Based on Council input on the direction for the proposed design development, the following next steps are anticipated:

·       Completion of design development plans (fall 2011)

·       Preparation of construction documents (fall 2011)

·       Arts Commission (fall 2011)

·       Architectural Review Board, signage approval (fall 2011)

·       Estimated construction start date (spring 2012)

·       Estimated construction completion date (end of 2013)


Financial Impacts & Budget Actions

The GMP amendment to be awarded to Morley Construction Company is $39,276,453 (includes an 8% contingency), for a contract total of $43,165,803.  This project will be financed using a combination of available funds from the Parking Authority and the Special Revenue Fund, as well as through a debt financing planned for this fall.  Currently, there is $3.6 million available in the Parking Authority fund and $7.5 million in In-Lieu parking fees, which will be sufficient to pay for any construction costs between now and when the financing is complete.  Staff will return to Council in October 2011 with the recommended debt financing plan.


Prepared by: Karen Domerchie, CIP Project Manager




Forwarded to Council:







Martin Pastucha

Director of Public Works


Rod Gould

City Manager