City Council Supplemental Report


City Council Meeting: June 14, 2011

Agenda Item: 8-B


To:               Mayor and City Council


From:           Eileen Fogarty, Planning and Community Development Director


Subject:        Planning Commission Recommendation regarding the Amendment to the Civic Center Specific Plan (11GPA-001) to allow increased square footage and removal of the surface parking lot for the Early Childhood Center (ECEC)




Staff recommends that the Council incorporate the Planning Commission’s four recommendations included in this report into its resolution adopting the proposed Civic Center Specific Plan amendment modifying certain aspects of the Early Childhood Center.



On June 8, 2011, the Planning Commission held a public hearing and considered the proposed Civic Center Specific Plan (CCSP) Amendment for the Early Childhood Center (now known as the ECEC).  As this recommendation hearing took place after the release of the Council staff report, this supplemental report is provided to inform the Council of the Planning Commission’s recommendations.


One member of the public spoke at the hearing in support of providing childcare facilities and with some specific concerns regarding design flexibility and safety.  Staff clarified that the footprint shown on the illustrative plan is conceptual and that SMC’s design team will be able to shape the project to meet the facility’s needs within the building site.


The Planning Commission unanimously recommended that the Council adopt this amendment with the following revisions and additions (the Commission’s revisions are shown in bold italic):


1.     Revise Policy AD-12 as follows: The facility shall be located along Civic Center Drive across from the County Courthouse the Civic Center Parking Structure. Its primary orientation shall be to the park. There shall be a vehicular drop-off/short term parking area with between 5 and 15 parking spaces along the eastern northern and/or western side of the center accessed from Civic Center Drive. No vehicular access or egress will be permitted from Fourth Street. Parking for employees and visitors to the center shall be provided in the Civic Center Parking Structure and other shared parking facilities within the Civic Center.

2.     Revise Policy AD-16 as follows: The facility shall be set back from the Fourth Street frontage by a dimension sufficient to create a sidewalk and planting area of at least 20 feet. (increased from 15’)

3.     Policy Addition (AD-18): The design should accommodate future joint use plans being considered and not preempt developments such as the continuation of the Michigan bike path as it crosses 4th Street.

4.     Policy Addition (AD-19): The Fourth Street elevation shall be developed as a pedestrian friendly façade.

5.     Policy Addition (AD-20): Visitor bicycle parking shall be provided in a visible location.




Prepared by: Elizabeth Bar-El, AICP, Senior Planner, Strategic & Transportation Planning Division






Forwarded to Council:







Eileen Fogarty, Director

Planning and Community Development


Rod Gould

City Manager