City Council Meeting: June 14, 2011

Agenda Item: 3-CC

To:               Mayor and City Council

From:           Timothy J Jackman, Chief of Police

Subject:        Acceptance of 2009 Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Grant Funds


Recommended Action

Staff recommends that the City Council:


    1) Authorize the City Manager to accept a grant award in the amount of $304,608 from the 2009 Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI).


    2) Authorize the budget changes outlined in the Financial Impact and Budget Actions section of this report.




Executive Summary


In 2009, $304,608 was awarded to the City of Santa Monica Police Department as a part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency’s UASI grant. Funds requested will be used to purchase homeland security equipment and training that supports regional security goals, specifically a command and control vehicle and personal protective equipment for use in a chemical / biological / radioactive / nuclear / explosive (CBRNE) incident and CBRNE training.





The UASI program focuses on enhancing regional preparedness in major metropolitan areas. The UASI program directly supports the national priority of expanding regional collaboration within the national preparedness guidelines and is intended to assist participating jurisdictions in developing integrated regional systems for prevention, protection, response, and recovery from natural or man-made disasters.


The UASI grant program was created to support large, “core” cities and those other cities with contiguous borders to the core city.  The UASI grant program is 100% federally funded from the Department of Homeland Security to the State of California.  The City of Los Angeles acts as the core city for the UASI grant and allots funds to the City of Santa Monica.


The City of Santa Monica has directly received over $3 million of Department of Homeland Security no-match grant funds since 2001. These funds have purchased necessary equipment, supplies, and training in direct support of overall regional goals to promote effective information gathering, sharing, and response to threats and/or acts of terrorism. 


The police department will use $304,608 of the 2009 no-match UASI grant to purchase a Los Angeles Regional Common Operational Picture Program (LARCOPP) command and control vehicle, personal protective equipment for use in a chemical / biological / radioactive / nuclear / explosive (CBRNE) incident and CBRNE training.



Financial Impacts & Budget Actions


The following FY2010-11 budget changes will be necessary:


1)        Increase the following revenue account of $304,608 at account number 20304.406794.


2)        Appropriate the following operating expenditures:

$304,608 at account number 30304.555394 to reflect receipt of the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) grant.

The UASI grant program pays 100% of eligible project costs.  No local match is required. 


Prepared by: Kevin McGowan, Assistant to the Chief of Police




Forwarded to Council:







Timothy J Jackman

Chief of Police


Rod Gould

City Manager