City Council Meeting: June 14, 2011

Agenda Item: 3-K

To:†††††††††††††† Mayor and City Council 

From:†††††††††† Carol Swindell, Director of Finance

Subject:††††††† Pay-On-Foot Machines Installations and Transit Passes Integration Project for City Parking Facilities



Recommended Action

Staff recommends that City Council authorize an increase to purchase order number 18310-OF with Sentry Control System Inc., a California-based company, by $50,000 for a new amount of $1,230,000 for additional work related to installation of pay-on-foot parking machines in the Civic Lot and Downtown parking structures.


Executive Summary

The 2009 Walker Parking Study identified a series of improvements to downtown parking operations to increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of the program including the installation of automated payment equipment. The installation of automated payment equipment in structures 7 and 8 resulted in reduced exit wait times, additional revenue controls, and a more positive customer experience. The initial purchase of additional automated payment equipment at a cost of $1,180,000 was approved by Council on November 9, 2010. An additional $50,000 is necessary for additional conduit work, shelters in the Civic Lot and to ensure full integration with the Big Blue Bus transit passes authorized as part of the Downtown Interim Parking Program.



Currently, the City operates 12 off-street parking facilities in the downtown and Civic Center area.Since 2000, the City has purchased a Ski Data payment system for parking structures and the Civic Center lot. The use of the parking revenue and access control systems provides Parking Operations staff the ability to consolidate reporting and revenue control functions and implement related operations recommendations found in the 2009 Walker Parking Study. On November 9, 2010, Council approved the purchase of equipment to automate parking operations in the downtown and Civic Center. On March 8, 2011, Council directed staff to develop a combined monthly parking pass and monthly Big Blue Bus (BBB) Pass as part of the Downtown Interim Parking Plan.



The downtown parking structures and Civic Center parking locations are currently equipped with Ski Data parking equipment being converted to Ski Data parking equipment that will allow for the automated operation of these parking facilities. Through the installation of the payment machines for Parking Structures 7&8, staff has discovered that although the machines are water resistant, it reduces down-time and machine maintenance to have them covered. In identifying payment machine locations, it was determined that a cover should be built to shield a payment machine located in the center of the lot in order to reduce down-time from water intrusion during heavy rain.Additionally, the development of an integrated parking and transit pass card required additional programming and equipment to ensure the full integration necessary for the Downtown Interim Parking Program. Staff has used existing contract authority to expedite completion of the integration and needs to increase the Purchase Order to complete the full project.


Vendor Selection

The Ski Data system was selected as part of a competitive process in 2000. Sentry Control Inc. is the exclusive Ski Data parking access and revenue control equipment authorized distributor in West Coast. Ski Data System is a proprietary parking revenue and access control system. The City currently has Ski Data systems and pay-on-foot machines in 12 locations and only Ski Data parking control equipment are compatible with existing equipment components. The system will also increase the efficiency of the operations and maintenance of the equipment; parking operation staff will be able to program and operate the machines remotely for all off-street parking facilities in a centralized control office. This will ensure the public has a consistent parking experience and allows the City to produce consolidated parking reports. Compatibility of these new equipment components with existing inventory is of paramount consideration.


Financial Impacts & Budget Actions

Sentry Control Systemís purchase order will be increased by $50,000 for a new total of $1,230,000.Funds for the additional $50,000 are available in account C774057.589000.


Prepared by: Frank Ching, Parking Coordinator





Forwarded to Council:







Carol Swindell

Director of Finance


Rod Gould

City Manager