City Council Meeting: June 14, 2011

Agenda Item: 3-J

To:†††††††††††††† Mayor and City Council 

From:†††††††††† Carol Swindell, Director of Finance

Subject:††††††† Amendment to Parking Operations Contract with Central Parking System


Recommended Action

Staff recommends that the City Council authorize the City Manager to execute an amendment to Contract 9050 (CCS) with Central Parking System in the amount of $284,077 for a new FY11-13 total amount of $11,940,931 dependent on Council approval of the FY11-13 budget which includes shifting operation of the Civic Auditorium Parking Lot, Mid-City Parking Lots and Parking Structure 10 to the Parking Operations Division of the Finance Department and additional bike valets at Virginia Avenue Park and Main Street.


Executive Summary

In order to ensure consistency in parking facility operations throughout the City, Council approved the installation of pay-on-foot machines and for Central Parking, Inc. to operate the Main St. and Fifth and Arizona lots on November 9, 2010. The proposed Fiscal Year 2011/2013 budget includes a recommendation to transfer operations of the Civic Auditorium Lot to the Finance Department. Parking Operations staff will also begin operating the mid-City lots and downtown structure 10. Additionally, the Central Parking Agreement provides for bike valet services. An amendment is necessary to formalize current bicycle valet services at the Virginia Avenue Park and Main Street Farmerís Markets.Consolidation of these remaining facilities under the Parking Operations section of the Finance Department will ensure consistency of parking operations and maintenance city-wide. Staff recommends amending Contract 9050 (CCS) with Central Parking, Inc. in the amount of $284,077 to manage the Civic Auditorium Parking Lot, the Mid-City parking lots, and Parking Structure 10. The amendment will be contingent upon Council approval of the proposed change as part of the Fiscal Year 2011/2012 operating budget.



On April 7, 2009, Council authorized a contract with Central Parking System to operate and manage the Cityís off-street parking locations through 2012. Currently, Central Parking Systems operates and manages most parking structures, and the downtown, Main Street and beach parking lots. At the time of award, it was contemplated that additional off-street parking locations may be added in the future but specific details of when that may occur were not available.

The City desires unified parking operations citywide to ensure consistency in operations and customer service experience. In addition to the parking operator, this includes utilizing the same payment machines, such as the Ski Data and Digital Payment Technology systems, to ensure consistent reporting and revenue control. Incorporation of these parking locations into Parking Operations Division will further provide for the implementation of the Walker Parking Study recommendations as well as the detailed development of a replacement parking strategy during the construction of Parking Structure 6 and the demolition of Parking Structure 3.



Civic Auditorium Parking Lot

The Santa Monica Civic Auditorium is located at 1855 Main Street and the Civic Auditorium Parking Lot stretches from Main Street to 4th Street and from Pico Boulevard to Civic Center Drive.The Civic Auditorium Parking Lot has entrances and parking booths on both Civic Center Drive and Main Street.There are additional spiked exit, usually gated, that can be opened to allow egress during peak periods on Fourth Street and Pico Blvds.In addition to serving the same clientele as the Civic Center Parking Structure, the Civic Auditorium Parking Lot can be booked in conjunction with Civic Auditorium events, or for large events, such as filming or trade shows.


The Civic Auditorium Parking Lot has 1,009 spaces, including several spaces dedicated for recharging of electric vehicles.Staff plans to change the hours of operation to 24 hours a day and seven days a week, consistent with the Civic Center Parking Structure with automated Pay-On-Foot machines as the primary payment method on non-event days. On event days, the lots would be staffed to facilitate higher numbers of users and may include the need for overnight and/or weekend staffing to collect a flat fee upon entry, as currently authorized by Resolution 10517 (CCS). With the new automated operating configuration and an addition of $145,953 to contract 9050 (CCS), Central Parking System will be able to operate the property excluding special event extra labor cost.The parking lot will continue to be open to serve the general public during the renovation period of Civic Auditorium.The Civic Center parking facilities automation and integration program will able to reduce operating cost by estimated $100,000 per year.


Mid-Town Parking Lots

The three Mid-City Parking Lots located at 1200 block of Euclid and 14th Street are currently operating with single head coin-only parking meters. Staff is working towards establishing electronic payment options, including acceptance of credit cards, at all off-street City parking facilities by the end of fiscal year 2011/2012, including installation of multi-space parking meters to replace 123 parking meters in the mid-city parking lots. The electronic automated payment facilities will increase the efficiency and sustainability of parking operations and enforcement.Currently, Public Works and Finance staff manages the parking meters and collect coins. There is no other service currently provided by staff in these parking lots.†† An annual operating budget increase of $72,410 includes purchasing three multi-space pay-on-foot machines with credit card capability and will allow Central Parking System to operate all three parking lots. In addition to collection and equipment maintenance, Central Parking will also be responsible for daily maintenance services such as sweeping, trash removal, signage cleaning and repairs, graffiti removal, landscape maintenance, and basic restriping of parking spaces. The operating budget also covers armored car service, daily facilities inspections, credit card processing cost and monthly auditing service.††


Parking Structure 10

Parking Structure 10 is located at 1125 Third Street. It is currently operating with 82 single head coin-only parking meters.It is adjacent to Third Street Promenade and supplies short-term parking for downtown patrons.Like in the mid-city lots, City staff repair and manage the parking meters and collect coins. There is no other service currently provided by staff for this parking structure. Automated, credit-card enabled multi-space parking meters will enhance customer service and the facility also needs maintenance and other operational supervision.An operating budget increase of $53,714 per year includes purchasing three multi-space pay machines and will allow Central Parking to provide a complete parking operating service package to enhance the overall parking experience.


The increase to the contract will allow for additional supervisory maintenance, cleaning, landscape maintenance, insurance, auditing and revenue collection services provided by Central Parking System.


Virginia Avenue Park and 2600 Barnard Way (Lot 5S)

Under the existing contract, Central Parking is to provide bicycle valet services for the Cityís weekly Farmerís Markets. This service is paid for by the Proposition C fund and has been funded on a trial basis through in the current fiscal year.This amendment would formalize the existing practice and provide for continued, uninterrupted operation of the bicycle valets.The estimated annual cost is $28,000 and is within the existing operating budgets.


Financial Impacts & Budget Actions

The amendment to the Central Parking Operations Contract to be awarded is $284,077, for a new total of $11,940,931. Funds in the amount of $284,077 are included in the proposed FY2011-13 Budget in account number 01225.555010.


Prepared by:Frank Ching, Parking Coordinator




Forwarded to Council:







Carol Swindell

Director of Finance


Rod Gould

City Manager