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City Council Report


City Council Meeting: June 14, 2011

Agenda Item: 3-E

To: Mayor and City Council

From: Martin Pastucha, Director of Public Works

Subject: Temporary Trailer Lease Extension for the Big Blue Bus Administrative Building Construction Project



Recommended Action

Staff recommends that the City Council authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a lease extension with Design Space Modular, a California-based company, to house Big Blue Bus staff on-site in temporary trailers during the administration building construction for an additional amount of $56,800 (includes a 10% contingency). This will result in a new contract amount of $309,800.


Executive Summary

On August 10, 2010, Council approved a contract with Design Space Modular in the amount of $253,000 to lease temporary trailers to house Big Blue Bus staff while tenant improvements were being made to the administration building. During construction, unforeseen project conditions were discovered, which added additional scope of work to the project and resulted in a four-month delay to the construction schedule. This requires the temporary trailers lease to be extended with an additional cost of $56,800, for a total contract amount of $309,800.



On August 10, 2010, Council approved a construction contract with Thomco Construction, Inc., to perform tenant improvements in the Big Blue Bus administration building. Council also approved a contract in the amount of $253,000 with Design Space Modular to lease temporary trailers to house Big Blue Bus staff during construction.


The Big Blue Bus administration building construction began on December 20, 2010. Upon interior demolition, unforeseen conditions were discovered, delaying the completion of the project. These existing conditions include:

       Large holes were cut into the existing building steel beams and the holes need to be repaired;

       Restroom plumbing piping was in very poor condition and drain lines did not properly slope to the drains; and

       Existing fire rated walls needed to be reconstructed and much of the existing wall framing needed to be brought up to current building and fire codes.


In order to address these unforeseen conditions, drawings and details were prepared and re-submitted for plan check. Once the plan check process is complete, the repairs can be made and inspected. Staff anticipates that the construction completion will be delayed by approximately four months to finalize the design, plan check, and implement the corrections. Therefore, Big Blue Bus staff will need to be housed in temporary trailers for four additional months. Construction is scheduled to be completed fall 2011.


Financial Impacts & Budget Actions

The lease extension amount to be awarded to Design Space Modular is $56,800, for a total lease contract of $309,800. Funds are included in the FY2010-11 budget in account C410104.589100, Campus Expansion.


Prepared by: Karen Domerchie, Project Manager




Forwarded to Council:







Martin Pastucha

Director of Public Works


Rod Gould

City Manager