City Council Meeting: June 23, 2009

Agenda Item: 1-I

To:                   Mayor and City Council


From:              Maria M. Stewart, City Clerk


Subject:          Resolution approving revisions to the City-wide Records Retention Schedule


Recommended Action


Staff recommends that the City Council adopt the attached resolution approving the revisions to the City-wide Records Retention Schedule (“Schedule”).


Executive Summary


The City-wide Records and Information Management Program was approved by Council in December 1997 and Records Retention Schedules were established for documents in each department.  Departmental revisions to the Schedule are an on-going part of the maintenance and implementation of the program.  The last revision was approved by Council in 2007.  Adoption of this proposed resolution updates the Schedules for various departments.




The revised Schedule is a result of reviews conducted during the past year. As new forms are created, as existing forms become obsolete, as individual departments’ policies change, as laws change and department/division names change, Schedule will be updated.  Revisions will periodically be presented to Council for approval. 


During the past year, there were reorganizational changes.  The Environmental & Public Works Department name changed to Public Works.  The Office of Sustainability and the Environment is now a Division of the City Manager’s Office. Retention periods were revised for various documents in all departments.  The revised schedule was reviewed by division and department heads and approved by the City Attorney and the City Clerk.


The destruction process requires written authorization from the Department Head, the City Attorney, and the City Clerk.  When there is a possibility of litigation or an audit, related documents will not be destroyed.  Records will be kept for one year after the lawsuit/audit is settled or until deemed appropriate by the City Attorney.


Financial Impacts & Budget Actions


There is no financial impact as a result of the adoption of this resolution.


Prepared by:  Maria M. Stewart, City Clerk

                        David L. Willis, Records Management Coordinator






Forwarded to Council:







 Maria M. Stewart

 City Clerk


P. Lamont Ewell

City Manager




Attachments:     Exhibit A – Records Retention Schedule

                           Proposed Resolution