City Council Meeting: June 23, 2009

Agenda Item: 1-H

To:†††††††††††††††††† Mayor and City Council

From:††††††††††††† Eileen Fogarty, Planning & Community Development Department

Subject:††††††††† Historic Resources Analysis Contract Amendment


Recommended Action

Staff recommends that the City Council authorize the City Manager to approve an amendment to Contract 8912 with PCR Services Corporation for an additional $24,672 resulting in a new total amount not to exceed $229,593.70 to provide historic resources analysis for the City Planning Division.


Executive Summary

PCR Services Corporation has provided independent historic resource analysis services to the City Planning Division since 2002. This contract amendment will cover the costs associated with services performed in conjunction with pending demolition permit applications, City Landmark designation applications, and design review applications for complex projects subject to Landmarks Commission review and City Council review on appeal that are in excess of the original contract scope. Funds are available in the current budget.



In order to provide the Landmarks Commission, City staff, and members of the public with thorough and independent historic resource analysis regarding pending City Landmark designation applications, and proposals for modifications to designated properties, it is necessary to amend the PCR Services Corporation contract.Due to the complexity of recent Landmark designation and Certificate of Appropriateness applications filed in fiscal year 2008-2009, and because the City asked PCR to conduct a review of tenant improvements to City Hall to ensure compliance with the Secretary of the Interiorís Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, the currently-allocated $204,921.70 for professional services from PCR Services Corporation will not be sufficient to continue providing a consistent level and quality analysis to staff, decision making bodies, and members of the public during the remainder of the fiscal year.


Contractor/Consultant Selection

Prior to selecting PCR Services for this contract in 2004, staff sent a Request for Proposals (RFP) to 11 firms that specialize in historic resource evaluation.Responses were received from four qualified firms.After a thorough review of each bidder in regard to work samples, fees and reference checks, staff concluded that the contract should be entered into with PCR Services Corporation.Their prior work and familiarity with historic resources specifically in Santa Monica made them uniquely qualified to continue to perform the services outlined in the Agreement Scope of Services. A competitive process is in progress again to select a consultant to perform historic resource evaluation for the Planning and Community Development Department starting in fiscal year 2009-2010. This process will include distribution of an RFP to firms that specialize in historic resource evaluation and selection based on a comprehensive review of respondentsí qualifications.


Financial Impacts & Budget Actions

The contract amount with PCR Services will not exceed $229,593.7.Funds for historic resource analysis during FY 2008-2009 and FY 2009-2010 are available in the following account: FY 2008-2009, $24,672 from account 01266.555060.


Prepared by: Roxanne Tanemori, Senior Planner, AICP





Forwarded to Council:






Eileen Fogarty

Director, Planning & Community Development


P. Lamont Ewell

City Manager