City Council Meeting: June 23, 2009

Agenda Item: 1-G

To:                   Mayor and City Council

From:              Lee E. Swain, Director of Public Works

Subject:          Wastewater Main Replacement/Upgrade Project


Recommended Action

Staff recommends that the City Council authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute a professional services agreement with Psomas in an amount not to exceed $540,000 plus a 10% contingency of $54,000 for a total of $594,000 to provide design services for the Wastewater Main Replacement/Upgrade Project.


Executive Summary

The Wastewater Main Replacement/Upgrade Project will construct improvements to existing sewer pipelines at various locations to ensure adequate and reliable services to customers.  Psomas is recommended for design services associated with the implementation of this project.  Funds for this service are available in the existing Wastewater Main Replacement Capital Improvement Program account.



In 1994, the Northridge Earthquake inflicted significant damage to the sewer collection system.  Following the earthquake, the City implemented a sewer repair program and by early 2004, the City completed the majority of repairs, replacements, and upgrades to the existing wastewater system.  Operations and maintenance staff of the Water Resources Division has identified several areas of the system that require additional work to improve reliability and reduce maintenance requirements.



Staff reviewed maintenance records, performed field investigation to identify the most problematic areas of the wastewater collection system, and based on this information, developed a priority list.  This report recommends authorizing a professional services agreement to provide design services for the highest priority improvements, which include development of plans and specifications for wastewater main replacements and upgrades of approximately 19,500 linear feet of wastewater mains in various locations throughout the City.  These wastewater mains are located at the following locations:

1.      Pier Sewer Main

2.      Seaside Terrace – Appian Way to Ocean Avenue.

3.      New Maintenance Hole at Moss Avenue and Ocean Front Walk

4.      Montana Place North – Ocean Court to 4th Street

5.      Palisades Place North – 7th Street to Alta Avenue; Alta Avenue – 7th Street to 7th Court

6.      Montana Avenue – 11th Court to 12th Street

7.      Santa Monica Boulevard at 2nd Court

8.      Santa Monica Place South – Princeton Street to Princeton Court

9.      Arizona Place South and Santa Monica Place North - Chelsea Avenue to Dead end

10. Santa Monica Place South – Harvard Street to Harvard Court

11. Santa Monica Place South - Yale Street to Yale Court

12. Santa Monica Place South - Stanford Street to Stanford Court

13. Santa Monica Place South - Franklin Street to Franklin Court

14. Arizona Avenue at 18th Court and at Stanford Street

15. Pico Boulevard at Urban

16. Dewey Street at Robson

17. Yale Street – Wilshire Blvd to Texas Avenue

18. Wilshire Boulevard (South Side) – 17th Street to 18th Street

19.  Wilshire Boulevard (South Side) - 18th Court to 19th Street

20.  Wilshire Boulevard (North Side) – 19th Street to 20th Street

21. Wilshire Boulevard (North Side) - 21st Court to 22nd Street

22. Wilshire Boulevard – 18th Court to 22nd Street

23. Wilshire Boulevard – 26th Court to Princeton Street

24. Yale Street – Wilshire Boulevard to Arizona Avenue

25. Santa Monica Place South – Harvard Street to Berkeley Street.

26. Bay Street – Lincoln Court to 12th Street

27. Pacific Place North – Lincoln Court to 11th Street

28. Strand Street - Lincoln Court to 11th Street

29. Lincoln Court – Pacific Street to Pearl Street

30. Maple Street – 14th Street to 16th Street

31. Hollister Avenue – 5th Street to 6th Street

32. Pier Avenue – Lincoln Boulevard to 220’ West of Lincoln Boulevard

33. Pier Avenue – Lincoln Court to 11th Street

34.  Marine Place North - Lincoln Court to 11th Street

35. Longfellow – Ozone Street to City Limits

36. Raymond Avenue – 6th Street to Highland Avenue

37. Highland Avenue – Raymond Avenue to Ashland Street

38. 6th Street - Raymond Avenue to Ashland Street

39. Michigan Avenue – 10th Street to 11th Street

40. 11th Street – Michigan Avenue to Pico Boulevard

41. Sewer at 1300 Block of Ashland Avenue

42. Sewer at 1400 Bock of Maple Street

43. Ocean Park Place North – Lincoln Court to 11th Street

44. 11th Street – Lincoln Court to Ocean Park Boulevard

45. Pico Place South – 11th Street to 12th Street

46. Pearl Place North – Lincoln Court to 11th Street

47. 7th Court – Ocean Park Boulevard Place South to Dead end

48. Highland Avenue – Pier Avenue to Ashland Avenue


Contractor/Consultant Selection

On March 19, 2009, a Request for Proposals was posted on the City’s website and Planet Bids soliciting proposals for professional design services for the Wastewater Main Replacement/Upgrade Project.  On April 9, 2009, nine proposals were received.  A selection committee from the Civil Engineering Division and Water Resources Division reviewed the proposals.  The selection criteria included the firm’s technical competence; understanding of the project’s scope; direct experience on similar projects; approach to the work; qualifications of the proposed staff; staffing capabilities to meet the desired time frames; and cost of services.  On April 20, 2009, the selection committee interviewed the four highest ranked firms: Cannon; Psomas; RBF; and FUSCOE.  The selection committee recommends Psomas to provide design services for this project.  Psomas has extensive sewer main design experience for municipalities and sanitation districts in Southern California, an experienced project design team, and the ability to complete the design of the project in an expeditious manner.  Psomas’s hourly rates are compatible with all proposals by other consultants.


Financial Impacts & Budget Actions

Funds in the amount of $594,000 are available in account number C310628.589000, Wastewater Main Replacement.


Prepared by: Mark Cuneo, P.E., Principal Civil Engineer



Forwarded to Council:





Lee E. Swain, Director

Department of Public Works


P. Lamont Ewell

City Manager