How do you think the electoral process is working

in Santa Monica?






On March 13, 2007, City Council and members of the public discussed the electoral process in Santa Monica.The discussion included, but was not limited to, the impact of negative campaigns, the on-going increase of independent expenditures, misleading election literature, the need to encourage diversity of candidates, possibly increasing the local $250 campaign contribution limit, and generally making the democratic process better.


The City Council wants to know what you think.Please take a moment to let them know what you think is and/or isnít working with the electoral process in Santa Monica.Please write on the back of this sheet or attach additional pages if necessary.


Are you a Santa Monica resident?____Yes†† _____No


Does the electoral process work well in our Santa Monica?_____Yes___No


Could the electoral process be improved in Santa Monica?____Yes____No


What works well with the electoral process in Santa Monica?






What could be improved with the electoral process in Santa Monica?







How would you address what isnít working?Suggestions?Do you know of improvements that have worked in a similar city?






Please return your survey to a City Clerk staff member or mail it to the City Clerkís Office, 1685 Main Street, Room 102, Santa Monica, CA90401.You can also complete the survey on-line at appreciate your feedback!