Los Angeles

Portland, OR

Albuquerque, NM




Summary of existing program

Proposal for full public financing may go on the November 2008 ballot. 


Current program is for matching funds only.


(Population 3,694,820)

Full public financing program in effect on 2006, and will be put to the voters for approval in 2010.




(Population 556,370)

Full public financing for all local elections enacted in 2005. 






(Population 448,607)

1998 - Full public fund-ing for statewide and legislative offices.






(Population 5,633,997)

Maine Election Clean Act established in 1996 for full public financing when running for State offices.




(Population 1,278,923)

Full finance program established in 1997 for Governor and Lt. Governor.





(Population 608,827)

Qualifying contributions








Seed money

Council candidates must raise $25K in max $250 contribu-tions; City Atty & Controller - $75K; Mayoral - 150K in max $500 contributions.  Any resident in the City may contribute.

Collect 1,000, $5 qualifying contributions from residents. 







Contributions of $100 or less from any source for a maximum of $15,000.


$5 donations from 1% of the registered voters in their district to qualify.







Contribution $100 or less per person, for a maximum of 10% of the applicable spending limit.

Minimum number of $5 contributions to qualify for public financing.

Candidate must get from 210 for the Legislature to 4,200 for Gov. ($5 contribu-tions)



Contribution $120 or less per person for a maximum of $46,440/Gov; $23,820/SOS/Atty. Gen; $2,980/Legislator

50 $5 contributions for House candidates; 150 for Senate candidates, and 2,500 for Governor.






$100 or less per individual for a maximum of $500 for House, $1,500 for Senate and $50,000 for Governor.  Amendment is being sought by staff.

Gov. candidate must raise $35,000 from 1,500 or more indivi-duals; for Lt. Gov., $17,500 from 750 or more. Contributions not to exceed $50.  ($23.33 average)



No seed money.  May use qualifying contributions.

Grant Limits








Primary, Mayor $3,500,000; CA $1,500,000; Controller $1,000,000; Council $350,000. 


Mayor $3,000,000, CA $1,200,000; Controller $750,000, Council $300,000. 

Primary, Mayor- $200,000, auditor and commissioners $150,000


General, Mayor  $250,000; Auditor and Commissioners $200,000.


Mayor- $1.00 per registered City voter (approximately $448,000); City Council - $1.00 per registered voter in the district (approx.) $55,000) 


Gov $453,849; SOS/AG $95,559; Treasurer $47,770; Legislator $11,945


General: Gov., $680,774; SOS, Atty. Gen., $143,325; Treasurer,  $71,655; Legislator $17,918



Gov $200,000, State Rep $1,504, State Senator $7,746;


General: Gov. $400,000, State Rep. $4,362, State Senate $20,082.

Primary, Gov., $75,000; Lt. Gov.,  $25,000.


General: Gov. $225,000; Lt. Gov. $75,000


Los Angeles

Portland, OR

Albuquerque, NM




Matching funds if over-spent by opponent or Independent Expenditures

(Plus 1/3 of general election funds for each in reserve as matching funds)



Candidates may receive matching funds for Primary $150,000 Comm/Auditor;

$200,000 /Mayor; Gen $400,000 Comm/Auditor, $500,000 /Gov. (eligible funds divided)

Matching funds have not been determined, but of amt. opponent spends over grant limit at twice the amount of original grant, if the funds are available. 

Candidates eligible for matching funds of twice the amount of original grant.


Candidates eligible for matching funds for a max of twice the initial grant for primary/ general.

No Matching funds available, therefore no one takes advantage of public financing.

*Funding for program

Proposal is for money to come from the General Fund.

.02% from general fund.  Civil penalties  and private contributions


.01% from general fund; qualifying contributions and seed $.



10% surcharge on all civil penalties and criminal fines; qualifying contributions.



$2 million from general fund, unspent monies from Clean Elections fund; fines for violations of Clean Election Law; qualifying contributions.

95% of funding from annual fees charged to domestic and international corporations; fines

for violations of campaign finance laws.



Qualifying period of 12 months best; issues re misuse of funds

Program will begin in 2007.

Increased number of candidates running for office.  


Increase number of participating candida-tes.  In 2000 26%; in 2002 56%; in 2004 61%; in 2006 60%

Initially the number of female candidates did increase.


83% of the Legislature ran Clean Elections.


Issues with Independent Expenditures

Problem with opponents spending over grant limit of participating candidates, and independent expenditures?

Administer  the program and cost

5-member Ethics Commission. 


7-member Citizens Campaign Comm-ission made up of 7 members plus Auditor, Deputy Auditor & City Elections Officer.

Annual cost $103,551

The City Clerk’s Office is administering the program with 1 additional FT staff member during election.  Annual cost $1 million.

5-member Citizens Clean Elections Commission appt'd by Gov. Annual cost  $3,709,651

5-member Commission appt’d by Gov & Legislature for 3-year terms.


Annual cost $395,000

Admin. by SOS & part-time staff.  Cost absorbed into the SOS's Office budget.


*Any qualifying contributions and remaining seed money, as well as any remaining funds in participating committees after the election, are deposited in the Program's account.