Item 9-A

City Council Meeting: 12-15-98

TO: Mayor and City Council

FROM: City Staff

SUBJECT: Recommendation to Endorse Concept of Lifelong Learning Community


This report recommends that the City Council endorse the concept of a Lifelong Community and authorize staff to use the Lifelong Learning Logo on City publications when feasible.


In the fall of 1997, community members joined to begin planning for expanding opportunities for continuous learning for people of all ages and creating a "Lifelong Learning Community." Since that time, public and private educators, health care professionals and advocates, and representatives from the faith community, business community, and nonprofit organizations have joined community members to promote the Lifelong Learning Community Project.


The mission of the Project is that "the City of Santa Monica will become a model Lifelong Learning Community--a community committed to strengthening educational planning for all ages and stages of life with learning opportunities that enhance the personal, social and professional goals of all residents."(See Lifelong Learning Community Project Mission, Attachment I)

To further its goals, Project supporters have held a series of community meetings and forums to encourage elected officials and community leaders to endorse the Project model. To date, over 200 individuals and various Santa Monica Commissions, Boards, and organizations have endorsed the Project. The project has the unanimous support of the SMMUSD Board of Education and the SMC Board of Trustees. (See Lifelong Learning Supporters, Attachment II).

Project supporters have also developed a logo and encouraged businesses, government agencies and community organizations to use the logo in printed materials and electronic media in an effort to identify and promote learning opportunities to the public. (See Lifelong Learning Project Logo, Attachment III).


There is no budgetary impact at this time.


City staff recommends City Council endorse the Lifelong Learning Project and authorize staff to incorporate the Lifelong Learning Project logo on City publications where feasible. Such publications may include Kidscape, Seascape, and fliers and notices marketing workshops and classes for children, families, and seniors.

Prepared by: Julie Rusk, Human Services Manager

Tracy Scruggs, Human Services Supervisor

Community and Cultural Services Department

Judy Rambeau, Communications Coordinator

City Manager's Office

ATTACHMENTS: I) Lifelong Learning Community Project Mission

II) Lifelong Learning Community Project Supporters

III) Lifelong Learning Community Project Logo